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9. MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must comply with the following requirements to
become a Chapter member. They must own (or be paying for) a Winnebago Industries RV product and
shall be at least 21 years of age and attend a Chardonnay Traveler campout. Membership will not be
denied because of advanced age, race, creed, color, marital status, religion, or nationality.
All prospective members must already be members of the WIT Club and California State WIT Club, or join
them at the same time they join the Chardonnay Travelers.  Guests may attend no more than two outings
before joining.
A quorum must be present at the meeting to elect new members. If it appears an applicant may be rejected,
a secret written ballot process may be used to either accept or reject the prospective member. If it appears
the applicant will most likely be accepted, a “yea” or “nay” vote may be taken in lieu of a show of hands for
approval or disapproval. A vote of 51% of the active members at the meeting will be required to approve a
new member. Voting to accept or reject new members is a democratic process. Reasons for accepting or
rejecting any prospective member need not be revealed. The President will explain this democratic process
to each prospective family during the meeting at which the voting process will take place. The Secretary will
record the acceptance or rejection of new members in the minutes of the meeting in which they were
accepted or rejected for membership.

10. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF MEMBERS. All members will be held financially responsible for paying
the Wagon Master for RV Park reservations after they have made a commitment, either verbal or written, to
attend a campout or meeting. If the Wagon Master pays out funds for a member’s RV Park reservations
and the member fails to show for the campout, then the member will be required to reimburse the Treasurer
for monies paid to the RV Park at the next membership meeting. If the member fails to attend the next
membership meeting, the Secretary will notify the non-paying/non-attending member that he (she) must
reimburse the Treasurer for the monies due within a 30-day period from the date of the notification letter.
Failure to comply may result in an expulsion by majority vote of the membership present at the next
meeting, even though the member may be absent. The Secretary will notify the expelled member in writing
of the action taken under provisions of this paragraph. A copy of the letter of notification will be retained in
the members file. The expelled member’s $20.00 Chardonnay Travelers membership fee will be forfeited.

11. GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS. Chapter meetings will be held anytime there is a Chardonnay
Travelers campout, or when the Chapter attends a State Club meeting or rally. Chapter campouts will
generally be for a two (2), three (3), or four (4) day weekend. A General membership meeting will be
scheduled for Saturday morning during a campout if a quorum of members attends. See paragraph 15 for
exceptions. If any member discovers he or she cannot be present at a scheduled meeting, then the
member will notify the Wagon Masters so they can adjust all matters accordingly. The Wagon Masters will
relay the absent members information to the President at the next scheduled meeting. All meetings will be
conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. Campouts were originally approved by the members
to be scheduled on the fourth (4th) weekend of each month. A new weekend selection was approved by a
majority of the members in attendance at the May 6, 1995 meeting. The campout and meeting weekend
was changed to the third (3rd) weekend if there were holidays on the fourth (4th) weekend, or any other
weekend of the month based on maximum attendance of the members. This versatility would permit the
Chapter to attend  California State WIT meetings or rallies which are often held the first two (2) weeks of the
month. Chapter meetings may be held at these meetings or rallies if a quorum of members are in
attendance. See exceptions in paragraph 15. The May outing will not be on Memorial Day Weekend
(approved 5/2000).

when new information or requirements have just been discovered that require immediate action before the
next Chapter Membership meeting, the Executive Board should meet either in person, via telephone and/or
email to discuss the matter and take necessary action. A majority vote of the Executive Board members is
required to take action affecting the Chapter. Their action shall be presented at the next general
membership meeting and confirmed by a majority vote of members present.

13. NON-GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS. Gatherings of two or more members at times such as at
WIT or State Club events or other Chapter outings are encouraged to promote fellowship and camaraderie
amongst Chapter members. Discussions about Chapter matters are encouraged but no vote may be taken
which would enforce actions for the Chapter unless a quorum of members is present. If a quorum of
members is in attendance, minutes will be taken and read at the next regularly scheduled membership
meeting. When a quorum of members is not present, those members in attendance may agree to present
written recommendations at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.

14. INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP STATUS. “Inactive” membership status will be assigned to those members
who fail to support the Chapter or the State WIT by not paying their dues or not attending scheduled
campouts and meeting. Inactive status may be assigned, as defined in Clause 17, to any member who has
an unexcused absence for three (3) consecutive months and/or has not served as wagon master or co-
wagon master for a two year period. Inactive status assignment will be determined on an individual basis
and voted upon by a majority of members present at the meeting if a quorum is present.
If the voting members approve an inactive status for the member, the Secretary will send written notice to
the member informing them (him/her) of the action. The inactive member may request to be reinstated
before any of the provisions contained in Paragraph 16 apply. The member may be reinstated by a majority
vote of members present at the meeting if a quorum is present.

15. CAUSE FOR TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Any of the following actions may result in termination of
membership: remaining on the inactive membership rolls for twelve months; or remaining absent without just
cause for twelve months.  A membership must be forfeited if a member fails to pay dues to WIT by the end
of the month when their dues are to be paid.  A recommendation for Termination of Membership will come
from the Chardonnay Travelers Executive Board. Termination will be determined on an individual basis and
must be approved by two thirds (2/3) of the membership in attendance at the meeting if a quorum is
present. If the members vote for termination, then the Secretary will send written notice to the member
informing them of the action. An appeal may be made to the President to set aside the termination if the
member can show cause for doing so. Membership may resume if the member requests to be reinstated
within the calendar year and pays any funds due to the Chapter.  
Membership will be forfeited if a member in good standing with the Chapter can show cause against a
member during a meeting. Improper conduct such as drunkenness, fighting, vulgarity, incarceration, or
other serious infractions of the law shall result in automatic termination of membership unless member can
show cause why this action should not be taken. Termination will be determined on an individual basis and
voted upon by 51% of the active membership in attendance at the meeting.

16. MEMBERSHIP DUES. Dues shall be determined per year, payable in December of the current year and
become delinquent on January 31st of the next year. All dues will be deposited into the Chardonnay
Travelers Fund. Membership will be forfeited if dues are not paid by January 31st. A new member
application may be required if dues are not paid by January 31st of the current calendar year if the member
seeks reinstatement.

17. GENERAL FUND REQUIREMENTS. The General Fund shall be used to cover administrative operation
expenses such as envelopes, faxes, phone calls, paper, reproduction, stamps, and other supplies or
equipment used for or by the Chapter. The Treasurer will keep a complete record of cash receipts and
expenses. The Treasurer will read the monthly financial report to the membership at the monthly meeting. A
copy of the Treasurer’s report will be available for those members who desire one.
April 24, 2015