The Chardonnay Travelers chapter meeting was called to order at 10:01 AM by President
Bob Anderson. Bob led the Pledge of Allegiance

Secretary’s Report
Roll was taken. Members from 11 rigs were present. Leora Matranga moved the minutes
be approved as published. Approved.

Vice President’s Report
4-14-15 South West Regional in Las Vegas. 4-23-15 State Meeting at Jackson
Rancheria RV Park. Gloria Anderson asked those coming to bring items related to the
Gold Rush Days theme for table decorations. 5-28-15 Tahoe Valley RV Resort, So. Lake
Tahoe. The Macalusos and Winns are wagon masters. Possible activities are mini golf
and a picnic at the beach. There was a discussion about having daytime games at outings.
This is up to the wagon masters. The bowling outing at Skyline was fun. 8-2-15 Porto
Bodega Marina and RV Park. Art Schipper asked how many will be coming. Of those
present, 8 responded yes. Heritage RV Park, Corning in June. An assistant wagon master
is needed. Almond Tree RV Park, Chico in November still needs a wagon master team.
Sue Chambers moved that the September outing at Sugar Barge RV Park be a friendship
Rally. Seconded by Gloria Anderson. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report
Pat passed copies to everyone. Six new hats were purchased. See Pat if you need a
new one.

Past Presidents Report.
Southwest Regional in Las Vegas April 14-18, 2015. Sue thanked Judy Mullen for the
donated table runner. Next year will be the 20th Anniversary at Emerald Desert.

Judy Walton is recovering nicely as everyone saw at dinner last night.

Joe Macaluso had knee surgery on the 16th and is doing fine.

Old Business
Gloria Anderson reported no word on by law revision from Denise Yeager. 20th
anniversary: The state will present us with a 20 year  patch for our banner. Gloria Anderson
moved we purchase a cake. Tom Balcer seconded, passed

New Business
Chapter of Excellence report is due April 1, 2015. Bob asked how many attended
GNR, State or other club outings.

Birthdays: Joe Macaluso & Carol Kenyon.

Anniversaries: Winn (35), Russel (18), Worley (47)


Johnny Matranga said he had coffee urns and other miscellaneous items belonging to the
Chardonnay Travelers. Gloria moved that he donate the items to the charity of his
choice. Sue seconded. Passed.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 10:41 AM.

Notes taken by Gene Mullen

Respectfully submitted
Judy Mullen
Secretary Chardonnay Travelers
Meeting Minutes
Duck Island RV Park and Fishing Resort
Rio Vista, CA
Mar. 18, 2015
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