The Chardonnay Travelers chapter meeting was called to order by President Bob Anderson
at 11:15 am.

Secretary’s Report
Roll was taken with 13 rigs present. It was moved by Judy Silva and seconded by Joe
Macaluso to approve the minutes as published.

Vice President’s Report
Joe Macaluso announced upcoming outings:

Tahoe Valley RV Resort 5/28-5/31/15. Eight rigs said they were coming. Hosts are the
Macaluso’s and Winn’s.
Heritage RV Park, Corning-hosts Metranga 6/25-6/28/15.
Porto Bodega Marina & RV park, 8/20-8/23/15 hosts the Schippers and Kenyons. Art
said they had visited the park. The rates have increased. Many activities are planned.
Seven are planning to attend. Sugar Barge RV park, 9/24-9/27/15. Hosts the Worley
and Jehel’s. This has been approved by WIT to be a friendship rally
Almond Tree RV Resort, Chico, 11/12-11/15/15. No one has volunteered to host.

Joe will look for a place to replace Bodega in June 2016 due to increased rates.

Treasurer’s Report
Copies were make available for review and filed for audit.

Past President’s Report
No Report.

Old Business
By-law revisions have been approved. Waiting for written confirmation. Our 2016 calendar
not in WIT magazine but is on WIT web page. Judy Mullen will send it off to them.

New Business
Chapter of Excellence form is signed. State doesn’t recognize 20th anniversary. We
have purchased a cake for Saturday night. Norm Silva is a charter member. WIT Magazine
is sponsoring a contest covering Chapter Newsletters and/or Web Pages. Deadline is
June 1


April: Mark Powers, Art Schipper, Judy Mullen, and Don Russell.
May: Joe Johnson


April: Jehle 42 yrs.
May: Johnson 44 yrs.

The Power’s have requested a leave of absence due to health issues.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:43 am

Respectfully Submitted

Judy Mullen, Secretary
Meeting Minutes
Jackson Rancheria
Jackson, CA
April 25, 2015
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