The Chardonnay Travelers Chapter Meeting was called to order at 10:01am by President
Bob Anderson.  Bob led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report
Roll was taken by Gloria Anderson for Judy Mullen.  Members from eight rigs were present.  
Carol Kenyon moved the April 2015 minutes be approved as published, seconded by Bob
Jehle and passed by the members.  Birthdays and anniversaries for May and June were

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Pat Winn passed out copies of the Treasurer’s report and reviewed it with the
members.  Johnnie Matranga moved the Treasurer’s report be accepted and filed for audit.

Vice President’s Report
Our Chapter received two discount certificates from the French Camp RV Park for two days
for the price of one, expiring 12/31/15.  Vice President Joe Macaluso asked if anyone
present wanted them and no one replied.  He said they would be available.  Wagon Masters
are now booked for all of the 2015 remaining outings.  

The June outing in Corning has four rigs scheduled.  The Wagon Masters are the Matrangas
and the Balcers. Leora Matranga will check about the discount for the June outing as there
was supposed to be at least five rigs for the discount.  She will also check with the park if the
clubhouse would be available for so few people.  Leora said the facilities have been
upgraded and are very nice.

The August outing is at Porta Bodega Marina and RV Park in Bodega Bay and the
Schippers and Kenyons are Wagon Masters.

The September outing is a Friendship Rally at Sugar Barge RV Park at Bethel Island. The
Worleys and Jehles are Wagon Masters.

The State Rally is three days later at Casa de Fruita in Hollister.  Linda Worley will check with
Sugar Barge for those members who want to stay longer concerning extending the discount
and then traveling to Hollister for the State Rally. The Jehles are bringing some friends with
them to Sugar Barge.

Joe Macaluso said the June 2016 outing to Bodega Bay will be canceled and changed to
Gold Strike Village RV Park in San Andreas.  He also said we are still without a venue for
the August 2016 outing.  Mary Jehle recommended changing the Corning outing this year to
August 2016 due the low member count but it was decided to keep the Corning outing for
June 2015.  Bob Anderson suggested we try to get a reservation for the August 2016 outing
along the California coast as that is a hot time of year.

Joe Macaluso said that the State Rally for 2017 will be in the north and asked for suggestions
for a venue as it has been difficult to find a clubhouse big enough.  Bob Anderson suggested
checking fairgrounds, Johnnie Matranga suggested French Camp.  Dell Jackson suggested
Dixon fairgrounds.  $400 is the fee for the Dixon Fairgrounds clubhouse, may sound too
expensive, but Dell said with the number of rigs that attend State Rallies, it should not be too

Old Business
Bob Anderson sent the Chardonnay Travelers website to GNR for a contest.  Bob is still
waiting for the Chardonnay Travelers 20 year anniversary patch.

New Business
Carol Kenyon sent around a get well card for members to sign for Judy Silva.  Linda Worley
aid $12.88 was given to the Treasurer for recycle money.  She said most of the recycle
bottles/cans were from the Matrangas.  Dell Jackson asked if he can prepay the Chardonnay
Travelers dues for two years as he and Judy will be traveling.  This was approved by
President Bob Anderson.

Meeting adjourned at 10:22am.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Anderson (for Secretary Judy Mullen)
Meeting Minutes
Tahoe Valley RV Resort
South Lake Tahoe, CA
May 30, 2015
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