The Chardonnay Travers Chapter Meeting was called to order by Secretary
Judy Mullen at 10:10 AM. Judy led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report
Roll was taken and members from 9 rigs were present. Art Schipper moved
the minutes be approved as published. It was seconded and passed.

Treasurers Report
Bob Jehle presented the report from Pat Winn. Art Shipper moved to postpone
approval until Pat revises the report. Seconded and passed.

Vice Presidents Report

Old Business
Leora Matranga reported there were 3 rigs present at the June outing in
Corning. It was very hot. She described the upgraded facilities were very
good. Well air conditioned. They had a good time with 2 field trips. Would
suggest using this as a good place for the Thanksgiving or a cooler months

New Business
Scott Kenyon reported the Kenyon’s will wagon master the November outing
in Chico in place o the Silva’s. The Shippers will assist. A schedule will be
sent out later with the activities. Mary Jehle reported on the next outing at
Sugar Barge Sept24-27. The theme is “On the Bayou” with the movie Swamp
Thing. Linda Worley will be sending out the information soon. Those attending
and going on to the state rally can make reservations to stay over Sunday
night, then move on to Casa de Fruita Monday. Arrangements will have to be
made with Casa de Fruita for Mon. and Tues. on your own.

Aug. Jo Macaluso, Maria Johnson, Susan Winn, Gene Mullen, Sue Chambers

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Mullen, Secretary
Meeting Minutes
Porto Bodega RV & Marina
Bodega Bay, CA
Aug. 22, 2015
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