The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Bob Anderson who led the
Pledge of Allegiance.  Bob thanked the Worley’s and Jehel’s as wagon masters.  

Secretary’s Report
Roll was taken with members from 9 rigs were present and 1 guest.  Carol Kenyon
moved the August minutes be approved as published.  Gloria Anderson Seconded.  

Vice President Report
Sept. 30-Oct. 4 State Meeting at Casa de Fruita, Hollister, Ca.  
Nov. 12-15 Almond Tree RV Park, Chico.    Scott has arranged a tour of Sierra Nevada
Brewery.  A Quilt Shop Run will be lead by Carol Kenyon.  The Jehel’s will host a meal
at their home.  Friday dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Saturday dinner will be Thanksgiving
dinner/pot luck.  
Special thanks to the Kenyon’s and Schipper’s for stepping up to wagon master.  
There was a discussion of locations for the August 2016 outing.

Treasurers Report
The August report was approved as corrected.  The September report balances.  Gloria
Anderson moved and Jo Macaluso seconded that the report be filed for audit.  Passed

Past Presidents Report
None Available

Sunshine Report
Gloria reported Don Walton is having surgery on Monday the 28th. Bob read a letter
from the Powers on their status.

Old Business

New Business
Scott Kenyon made a motion that the Silvas be made honorary members and it was seconded
by Bob Jehel. The motion to induct Norm and Judy as Honorary members
of the Chardonnay Travelers was approved.

Scott Kenyon will ask Art Schipper to write a letter about Norm and Judy’s activities to
submit to the State WIT Club.  Norm was State Vice President 1994-5 and President
in 1996.  Judy served as Vice President.  In 1995 Norm was a charter member of the
Chardonnay Travelers.
Scott Kenyon has agreed to serve as Vice President for 2016.   

December 6 meeting will be held at 2 pm at Point Restaurant in Rio Vista.   
New Membership Application was received from Jehel’s guests Fred and Gayle Bryner.
Scott moved they be accepted, Carol seconded.  Approved.

Twilla Reimers and Linda Worley

Reimers 44 yrs.  Balcers 48 yrs.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Mullen, Secretary  
Surgar Barge RV Park
Bethel Island, CA
September 26, 1915
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