Casa de Fruta RV Park
Hollister, CA
Friday Oct. 2, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 4 pm by President Bob Anderson.  
He led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bob introduced new members Fred and
Gay Bryner.

Secretary Report:
Roll call was taken:  22 members in 12 rigs were present.
Scott Kenyon moved the September 26 minutes be approved as published with spelling
correction of the Jehle’s name.  Seconded by Fred Bryner.

Vice Presidents Report :
November 12-15 Almond Tree RV Park, Chico will be the Thanksgiving outing hosted by the
Kenyon’s and Schippers. Jehle’s will host, dinner at their home, on Thursday at 5:00. The
Wagon Masters will serve soup, bread, and salad. Please bring your bowl, your utensils,
and your beverage.

August 2016 outing location will be at Casa de Fruta hosted by the Jehle’s and Bryner’s.

Treasurer Report:
Nothing new since September 26 to report.

Past Presidents Report:
Sue Chambers reported Southwest Regional is Apr. 3-7 at Emerald Desert.  She is
meeting with the committee tomorrow.  Margaretville is the theme.

Sunshine Report:
Gloria reported Don Walton had his surgery.  Judy Walton and Bob Anderson are having
knee surgery in early Nov.  A card was passed for Dave Reimers surgery.

Old Business:
Honorary membership for the Silva’s has been approved.  The letter has been forwarded
to WIT.  They plan to attend the November meeting.

New Business:
Congratulations to Susan Winn and Bob Anderson for coming in Second Place in Bean
Bag Baseball.
There was discussion about providing a meal at the April 2016 State Meeting at French Camp.  
We will follow up in January.
Bob Anderson discussed the Blythe Bluegrass Music Festival  on January 15,16 and
17th before the January State meeting in Hemet January 21-24.  Many of our members go.
It is dry camping only. A fun time is had by all.

Dell Jackson, Don Walton, Leora Matranga, Gloria Anderson, and Delores Meyer (H)

Anniversaries:  None in October.

Dell Jackson announced the Chico outing begins their nomadic adventure for the next two

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:48 pm

Submitted by
Judy Mullen, Secretary
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