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The meeting was called to order by President Joe Macaluso at 4:40 pm.  He led the
Pledge of Allegiance.  

Secretary’s Report

Roll call was taken:  16 members, 9 rigs were present.  Bob Anderson moved and
Gene Mullen seconded to approve the minutes as published.

Vice Presidents Report

Scheduled outings:  May in Orland and June in San Andreas.  Both need wagon
masters.  There is also an opportunity to serve in November in Red Bluff.

Treasurers Report

Pat passed out copies.  It will be filed for audit.

Past President’s Report

Bob Anderson said to check the web page for updates.

Old Business

February outing at KOA Petaluma.  Joe reported that you must each go into the
office upon arrival for a wrist band.  Many fun activities are planned.  
March outing Gilroy Garlic USA RV Park.  Sue reported that she has visited and
that the facilities are good.
Joe discussed the meal we will serve at the April State meeting at French Camp.  
We will serve pork loin, red potatoes, vegetables, salad, and dessert.  There is a
committee of volunteers.

New Business



Birthdays :  Bill Worley 3rd, Johnnie Matranga 12th, Jan Balcer 16th, and Lois
Russell 31st.

Anniversaries:  Bob and Gloria Anderson 50th, Jo and Joe Macaluso 45th.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:06 pm

Respectively Submitted,
Judy Mullen
Chardonnay Traveler’s
Golden Palms RV Resort
Hemet, CA
Friday Jan. 22, 2016