The meeting was called to order at 10am by President Joe Macaluso with the Pledge of

Roll was taken by Acting Secretary Gloria Anderson with 12 rigs present.  Bob Anderson
moved to accept the minutes as published.  The motion was seconded by Mary Jehle.  

Vice President Scott Kenyon took a survey about canceling the Sugar Barge Outing
February, 2017, as there were only 3 rigs because of the WIT Puerto Penasco Adventure.  
Discussion – Mary Jehle asked what the people who may be going to this outing thought
and the general consensus was to cancel.  Sue Chambers said that as long as this outing
was not yet published in the WIT News, it was okay to cancel.  Joe Macaluso said the
2017 outings have not yet been published.  Call for questions – none, and Bob Jehle voted
to cancel this outing.  No objections.
There are no wagon masters signed up for the May, 2017 outing to Greenfield.  The
Schippers and Waltons volunteered.  Sue Chambers and the Matrangas then
volunteered to be wagon masters for the June 2017 outing in Redding.

Acting treasurer Bob Jehle distributed copies of the November treasurer’s report.  
$28 was given to Bob by Bill Worley from recycled cans and bottles from the Flag City
outing.  It was noted that not all the deposits were in for the 2017 outings.  Scott will take
care of this when they are due.  It was also noted that 2 of the dates for deposits for the
2017 outings needed to be changed from 2016 to 2017 for the Yanks and Gilroy RV
Parks.  After these changes are made by Treasurer Pat Winn, the treasurer’s report
will be filed for audit.

Joe Macaluso reminded members of the December 4th holiday gathering at The Point
Restaurant in Rio Vista at 2pm.  He distributed a list for members to sign up.  
Art Schipper mentioned that, at the state rally, it was not mentioned that CT contributed
$100 to the GNR Youth Group last year as our yearly contribution.  Joe will check on this.

Joe said that we received a thank you note from Joe and Lee Ann Bybee for the $50 gift
certificate they won at the state rally.  

This year  our yearly contribution, we are giving the $300 to the Contra Costa County
Winter Night Family Shelter.  Churches in that county house homeless families for
2 weeks each during the winter.  

Joe sent 9 WIT fliers out, 8 to new owners, 1 to a WIT member at large.

Sandy Schipper said that honorary members, Norm and Judy Silva, are coming to
this RV park this afternoon for a visit.

Joe reminded us to turn our clocks back tonight.

Leora Matranga said that she and Johnnie will be celebrating their 65th wedding
anniversary next month and their family will be with them the weekend of our holiday
party so they regret they will not be able to attend.

Joe said that the Central Coast Pelicans will disband the end of December this year.  

Scott said that even though our club’s numbers have decreased, we are still strong
because everyone contributes and we try to go to different parks yearly.  He has already
started the 2018 list but most parks will not take reservations that far out.

Art Schipper led us in the nominating of officers for 2017.  Those elected are:
 Judy Mullen, President
 Scott Kenyon, Vice President
 Joe Macaluso, Treasurer
 Judy Walton, Secretary

There is a couple known to many of us who are WIT members at large, Herman and Karyl
Kading.  They were traveling from home in Minnesota to winter in the south, when their
motorhome caught fire and was totally destroyed along with their beloved cat.  A card for
them was passed around for us to sign by Judy Walton.  Judy also mentioned that Twillah
Reimer has been ill.  Mary Jehle is recovering from a knee replacement and will have
cataract surgery next Monday.
Judy has been the Sunshine volunteer since 2006.  Since she will be the upcoming
Secretary she asked for someone else to take over that role
and Linda Worley volunteered.  Jan Balcer said that a prior CT member, Sherry Shook,
is ill, and requested a card be sent to her.  Linda will follow up.

Leora Matranga had a birthday in October and honorary member Norm Silva has a
birthday in November 16.  There were no anniversaries.

Joe will send out an email to honorary CT members inviting them to our holiday outing.

The meeting was closed at 10:45am

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Anderson, Acting Secretary
Durango RV Park
Red Bluff, CA
November 5,2016
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