The Chardonnay Travelers Chapter Meeting was called to order at 4:00 P.M. by  President,
Judy Mullen.  Judy led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Report:
     Roll call was taken.  There were  6 RVs present and 9 who were excused, plus 2  
guests.   Thus giving us a quorum for the meeting. It was moved and seconded and passed
that the August minutes be approved as corrected  noting that the program purchased for our
Treasury is QUICKEN not Quick Books as posted on the web site.
     Betty and Butch Moore our Western Reps were welcomed as guests.
     An email was read from Clarice Rinehart stating she has had a lump removed that
had penetrated her intestinal wall; but the surgery was clean and no further malignancy
detected. So no further chemo treatments will be required!!
Treasurer’s Report:
     Acting treasurer, Bob Jehle passed out the Treasurers report for October.
We have a current balance of $4,431.17  A motion was made, seconded as passed to approve
the report as presented.  Dues are due by November 1 and
will include the state

Vice-President’s Report:  
     In the absence of the Vice President Judy announced that Sue Chamber and Bob & Gloria
Anderson will be co wagon masters for the February, 2018 outing in Bethel Island.
Bob and Mary Jehle and Bill and Linda Worley will be co wagon masters in November 2018.

Next Outing Wagon Master's Report:
      In the absence of the wagon masters for the next outing Judy announced it will be in Gilroy
on 9th thru the 12th.  More information will follow shortly.  Deadline for reservations is October
26th.        Also if you are just a maybe; be sure and let them know.  It is easier to cancel
reservations at the last minute than to add.  

Old Business:  
     The Christmas Luncheon will be on December 3rd at 2:00 pm. At The Point in Rio Vista.  
Please let Judy Mullen know at least 2 weeks ahead of the lunch if you will be attending.

New Business:
     The website for CALWIT has been changed from  to  The State
officers announced there is a new policy in reference to Cancellation for State Meetings and
Rallies.  If you cancel after the cancellation date a possible fee will be charged depending on
the parks regulations.  If you make reservations and pay for special events you will still be
charged unless the tickets can be used by someone else.  There will be  no  refunds for food

Sunshine Report :
Linda Worley said that cards were sent to Clarice Rinehart and to Pat Winn.

      Dell Jackson had a birthday on October 3rd, Don Walton on October 4th, Leora Matranga
on the 11th, Gloria Anderson will be on the 21st and Delores Meyer (honorary) will be October
30th.  There were no wedding anniversaries in October.

There was no further business and the meeting was closed at 4:20 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Walton
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Chardonnay Meeting Minutes
Mother Lode Fairgrounds
Sonora, CA
October 6,2017
Mother Lode
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