The Chardonnay Travelers Chapter Meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by
Judy Mullen, President.  Judy led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary Report
Roll call was taken.  There were 12 RVs present at this outing, giving us a quorum for
the meeting. Bob Jehle moved, Leora Matranga seconded that the December minutes
be approved as posted on the web site.
Secretary Judy passed out a Roster for members to check and make corrections too.  
After corrections are made a new list will be mailed to all members.
There was no correspondence.

Treasurer’s Report
Joe Macaluso presented the Treasurer's report.  We ave $6,119.79 that includes
a inventory of $1,104.50.The report will be filed for audit.

Vice-President’s Report  (Future Outings)
Scott Kenyon announced that the April outing will be held on April 20-23. at the
WIT State Meeting in Jackson Rancherita. The May Outing will be on May 18-21
at the Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, CA. Art and Sandy Schipper and Don and
Judy Walton will be co-wagon-masters for the May outing.

Judy Mullen discussed plans for the dinner Chardonnay Travelers will put on at the
April State Meeting in Jackson Rancherita.  She asked for a show of hands who plan
to attend.  Also, who could help with the meal.  Judy Walton and Linda Worley
volunteered.   Most members who will also be present indicated that they will be  
happy to help.  The meal will consist of Bar-B-Qued hamburgers with the trimmings,
potato and green salads, baked beans, chips and fudge bars.

Old Business
Bob Jehle will update the Chardonnay Brochure.  It is tri-fold and when completed
will be inserted into letters that President Judy will send to new Winnebago owners
inviting them to visit our club.

New Business
President, Judy passed out new medical forms to be completed so that we will have
an up to date form in case of an accident or illness while on an outing. .  When they
are completed she will return each members old form to them.
Joe reported on the activities at the State, they are as follows:
There will be increases to the allowances that clubs receive for preparing meals for
the state outings.
It was voted not to divide the state into North and South
It was suggested that the State Rally that is held each October be in Paso Robles in
2018 as that is a more central location.

Sunshine Report
Linda Worley reported that a card was being circulated to send to Sandy Schipper
as she recovers from her recent procedure.  A card will be sent to Jo Macalusco
as she recovers from a fall in Porto Pinasco last month while they were on the WIT
A card was sent to Dave Reimers as he recovers from complications after his heart

This meeting is the first meeting since the 1st of the year and so birthdays and
anniversaries from January thru March were announced.
Members celebrating birthdays in March are  Joe Macaluso, and Carol Kenyon.
The Russells, Winns and Worleys celebrate anniversaries in March.
Bob Anderson and Tom  Balcer celebrated birthdays in February.  There were no
Bill Worley, Johnnie Matranga, Jan Balcer and Lois Russell celebrated birthdays in
January and the Andersons and Mucalusos celebrated anniversaries.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at  10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Walton
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
49er Village
RV Resort
Plymouth,  CA
March 17, 2017
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