The Chardonnay Travelers Chapter Meeting was called to order at 10:05 A.M. by  President, Judy
Mullen.  Judy led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretaries Report
Roll call was taken.  There were 11 RVs present and 2 who were excused  and 1 guest.  Thus
giving us a quorum for the meeting. It was moved and seconded and passed that the May minutes
be approved as posted on the web site.
    Dave Rinehart and Clarice Palmer renewed their membership and will again be active
members of Chardonnay.  It will be good to have them back as members.

Treasurer’s Report
In the absence of the treasurer, Pat Winn passed out the June Treasurers report for our
approval.  We have $6,687.63 that includes an inventory of $1,090.50.The report will be filed
for audit.  

Vice-President’s Report  (Future Outings)
Scott reported a tentative schedule for our 2018 outings.  It is as follows:

State Club Meeting, Golden Village Palms RV Resort– January 25 - 28
Sugar Barge Resort and Marina– February 22 -25 – booked
Cal Expo Campground – March 22 – 25 – contacted, they will call back
Southwest Regional Rally – March 25 - ??
State Club Meeting - Casa de Fruta RV Park – April 19 - 20
Gold Strike Village in San Andreas – May 17 – 18 – booked
Pomo RV Park and Campground, Ft Bragg – probable for June
Grand National Rally – July 16 - 21
Betabel RV Resort – August 23 - 26 – booked
Tahoe Valley RV Resort – September 20 - 23 (tentative) Note: Need tent
State Club Meeting – Locations TBD - September 29 - Oct 3
Jackson Rancheria – TBD October
Flag City – November 8 – 11

There was some discussion as to scheduling outings in the summer in warmer spots due to
the heat.  It was decided that being able to predict the weather is almost impossible.  Scott was
thanked for the great job he is doing with the scheduling.

Next Outing Wagon Master's Report
The Mullens and the Macalusos will be co wagon masters for the August outing in Corning
Ca.  After a count it was determined there will be at least 8 rigs at the outing.  A flyer will be sent
out after GNR.

Old Business
Sandy Schipper announced that Joe Towry who was a past president of Chardonnay passed
away.  A card was distributed for signatures of those who wished to express their condolences.

New Business
A motion was made by Art Schipper and then amended by Gene Mullen that Chardonnay will
donate $50.00 to the State Meeting in October for door prizes.  The motion was seconded by Leora
Mataranga and passed.

Sunshine Report

Leora presented all the June birthday people and those with anniversaries a pen.  The June
irthdays were: Mary Jehle on the 4th; Judy Walton on the 8th; Scott Kenyon on the 9th; Dave
Reimers on the 20th and Sandy Schipper on the 26th.  The Powers had their anniversary on
the 1st; the Mullens (51) on the 10th and the Bryners also on the 10th.

After thanking the hosts – Johnnie and Leora Matranga and Sue Chambers for a wonderful
outing the meeting adjourned at  11:00 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Walton
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Redding, CA.
June 24, 2017
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