Chardonnay Meeting Minutes
Sugar Barge RV Park & Marina
February 24, 2018
The Chardonnay Travelers Chapter Meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by  
President, Judy Mullen.  Judy led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretaries Report
     Roll call was taken.  There were 10 RVs present and 6 excused. Thus giving us
a quorum for the meeting. It was moved and seconded and passed that the January
minutes be approved as posted. Thank you to Gloria Anderson for filling in as Secretary.
Treasurer’s Report
     Joe Macaluso  passed out the Treasurers report for February.   We have a
current balance of $4,631.59  The report will be filed for audit.
A decision was had as to the amount wagon masters would be allowed to
expense for
.  Sue Chambers moved the amount should not exceed $50.00.  Gloria
Anderson seconded and passed.  Tom Balcer moved the above motion be made into
STANDING RULE #3.  It was seconded by Joe Macaluso and passed.
Treasurer, Joe mentioned that if any RV Resorts do comp for 1 nights stay the  money
will be divided with the wagon masters.  This was noted that it is not a usual practice
and that if the wagon masters want to come a day early it is on them.

Vice-President’s Report  
      Vice President, Scott Kenyon passed out the following tentative schedule for
outings in 2019:
January - State Club Meeting, Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet, CA
February 14 - 17 – Heritage RV Park, Corning, CA
March 14 – 17 – Yanks RV Resort, Greenfield, CA
March 24 – 27 - Southwest Regional Rally
April 25 – 28 - State Club Meeting, Probably at Sonora, CA
May 16 - 19 – Marina Dunes RV Resort, Marina, CA (Close to Monterey (Note 3)
June 20 - 23 – (Check back in April 2018) Far Horizons 49er RV Resort, Plymouth, CA
(Note 2)
July 16 – Grand National Rally
August 15 – 18 – (Check back in late July or early August 2018) Bodega Bay RV Park,
Bodega Bay, CA
September 19 – 22 - (Check back on 03/01/2018) French Camp RV Park Resort,
French Camp, CA
October 16 - 20 - State Club Rally, Probably at Paso Robles, CA
November 14 – 17 – Almond Tree RV Resort, Chico, CA

Note 1: If something goes wrong, possibly substitute an outing from 2015 or 2016?
Note 2: Outing Moved to 4th Weekend because of Father’s Day
Note 3: We will have the club house exclusively for 4 hours on only one day. I will
select 4:30 to 8:30 on Saturday. We will have the club house non-exclusively on the
rest of our stay. This outing date is moved to the 2nd weekend to avoid conflict with
the Memorial Day weekend.

Please let Scott know what months you will be available to be the wagonmasters

The Schippers and the Kenyons will be the new Wagon Masters for June, 2018.
We still need wagon masters for September of 2018 at Lake Tahoe.

Next Outing Wagon Master's Report
      Our next scheduled outing will be in March, 2018 with The Matrangas and the
Bryners as co wagon masters.  The Matrangas announced that we will be able to
take 1 or 2 Underground Tours of Old Sacramento and the Railroad Museum + they
have several surprises in mind.  They hope all can attend.

Old Business  
     The quilt that Judy Mullen donated for a raffle at the State Meeting in January
brought in $205.00 and was won by Jo Macaluso.
There was a questions as to why Chardonnay's “Who is Inviting Who” in the WIT
magazine has not been listed.  Judy Walton will call Forest City and inquire and
report back at the March meeting.

New Business
     Chardonnay Travelers will be serving dinner on Saturday evening of the State
Meeting in April.  Possible menu will be Jo Macaluso's Sloppy Joe recipe with cole
slaw, potato salad, and dessert.  Final decision will be made at the March meeting.  
The theme will be the “
Festival of Wine and Fruit
     The State Board decided that the only dietary needs that we need to consider in the
preparations is for dietetic restrictions.

Sunshine Report
     Judy Walton expressed the club's sympathies to Mike Powell in the sudden lost
of Mark.  He will be so missed by so many of us.  The Matrangas were welcomed
back after their bout of the flu.  We were also happy to  have as our guest Mary

      Birthdays in January – Bill Worley on the 3rd, Johnnie Matranga on the 12th and
Jan Balcer on the 16th.
     Anniversaries in January – The Andersons on the 8th,  Jacksons on the 19th and
the Macalusos on the 23rd.
     Birthdays in February_ Bob Anderson on the 8th and Tom Balcer on the 18.
     No Valentine Anniversaries in February.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Walton
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Note need to correct the
minutes to Standing Rule #4