The Chardonnay Travelers Chapter Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by  President,
Judy Mullen.  Judy led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretaries Report
    Roll call was taken. There were 10 RVs present and 5 excused. Thus giving us a
quorum for the meeting.  Roll call was also taken for the April Meeting and there were 8
members present and 7 excused; thus also giving us a quorum for that meeting.  A thank
you was given to Gayle Bryner for taking the minutes at the April meeting due to the absence
of the  Secretary.   
It was moved and seconded and passed that the April minutes be
approved as corrected
. The following correction was noted that the Reinharts will still be
active members and will only resign if their motor home sells.

Treasurer’s Report
    Joe Macaluso  passed out the Treasurers report from April 17 to May 10, 2018.
We have a current balance of $5,204.06 which includes our inventory of $1,076.50.   The
report will be filed for audit.  Joe will also send a check for $100.00 to the WIT Youth to be
used for GNR.
Judy Announced that we made $725.00 on the Sloppy Joe dinner we served at the April
State Meeting.  We have requested to due another dinner on Friday night of the April, 2019
State Meeting.

Vice-President’s Report  
     Vice President, Scott Kenyon noted that he had nothing new to report.  It was noted that
the September 2018 Lake Tahoe outing will be hosted by Bob and Mary Jehle and will be a
Back to Basics” outing.

Next Outing Wagon Master's Report
    The Schippers and the Kenyons the  Wagon Masters for June 23, 2018 at Almond Tree.  
We will be visiting the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and the cost per person will be $10.00.
Please notify them by June 10th if you will be attending.

Old Business  
    There was none.

New Business
    President Judy reminded us all that the nominating committee for new Chardonnay Officers will
be he September and the new Officers will be elected in November.

Sunshine Report
    Leora Matranga reported that a card has been sent to Gloria Anderson on her recent fall.

     Birthdays in  May – Clarice Rinehart on the 1st and Fred Bryner on the 25th.
    Anniversaries in  May – There were none.

Any Other Business?
    Judy Walton thanked all of our veterans who brought in the pictures of themselves  in
uniform.  A mighty handsome bunch, and we are so thankful for their service.  Unfortunately we
were not able to print Johnny Matrangas; but his picture will be sent to all via a separate email.  
Judy Mullen was thanked for the bobbin flowers she made for the women in  Chardonnay.
There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Walton
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Chardonnay Meeting Minutes
Gold Strike RV Park
San Andreas, CA
May 19, 2018