The meeting was called to order at 9:57 by President Judy Mullen who led
the pledge of allegiance.
Roll call resulted in 5 rigs present with 10 excused.

The minutes of the June meeting were approved as published. (motion by
Carol Kenyon, second by Art Schipper)

A thank you note was received from a child who attended Kids Camp
at GNR.  An RSVP was received from the Jackson who could not attend.

Joe presented a treasurer’s report.  It was filed for audit.

The June  2019 outing will be at French Camp.  Will try to schedule
Casa de Fruta for September 2019.
The smaller groups at outings are requiring club house fees.  A discussion
was tabled until the November or December meeting.
Next outing is Back to Basics, Sept. 20-23.  There are 6 rigs
planning to attend.

Judy reported that a gift card for the state rally has been taken care of.  
There was a discussion of declining membership.

Judy reported that WIT members from Arkansas have been invited to join
our activities at Flag City.

It is time to look for new officers.

Jo Macaluso  Aug. 6, Gene Mullen Aug. 26

Judy announced that the December 2  meeting will be at 2PM at The Point,
in Rio Vista.

Meeting Adjourned 10:37

Meeting reopened as Scott Kenyon volunteered to be President, Fred
Bryner Vice President, Gayle Bryner Secretary, and Joe Macaluso will
serve another term as treasurer.

Meeting adjourned 10:50           

Filed by Asst. Sec. Gene Mullen
Chardonnay Meeting Minutes
Betabel RV Park
San Juan Bautista, CA
August 25, 2018