Call to Order:   11:20am, by President, Scott Kenyon
Pledge of Allegiance:  (was done at State Meeting prior)
Roll Call-Secretary:
There were 10 RVs  present,  2 excused, 1 absent, and 1 new member RV.  
Thus giving us a quorum for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report:
The November minutes were moved by Judy Mullen and seconded by Sandy
Schipper to be approved as posted on the club website.  

Del & Judy Jackson informed the club that they were resigning from the
Chardonnay Travelers due to health issues.  They are planning to sell
their RV and re-locate to Casa Grande, Arizona.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer, Carol Kenyon, has spent many hours reviewing and setting up
treasury files.  No corrections were made and report was accepted as

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):
Vice President, Fred Bryner, passed out a “ground power” chart for review
asking for whether each RV is 30 or 50 amps.  Hosts are still needed for the
outings at Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, March 14-17 and at Cal Expo in
Sacramento, April 10-14.  

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:
The upcoming outing in February is at Heritage RV in Corning.  The hosts
(Waltons & Andersons) have been busy making plans and have sent out a
preliminary agenda with proposed activities and places to visit.  It was been
noted that there was no scheduled time for the club meeting – Gloria said that
she would revise the agenda to accommodate the needed meeting time and
send it out when she sends out food assignments.  The hosts have explored
activities available in the area.  There will be a wine tour at the New Clairvaux
Winery in Vina, and a dinner out at Casa Ramos.  The resort is providing
places for people affected by the Camp Fire and there will be parking provided
for our attendees in or just outside of the park.

Old Business:
Carol (Treasurer) indicated that the club inventory of shirts, etc. is limited.  
She is exploring ways to order or make new shirts in the future – she has a
machine that can embroider names herself.  She will be investigating costs
and what can be provided by “Make It Mine.”  She will report what findings
she has at the next meeting.  Johnnie mentioned that there is a program
at their local high school in Sacramento that teaches students t-shirt
screening, etc.  The club boxes will be available at the Kenyon RV on
Saturday afternoon (3pm).
Carol also noted that we have two years of Non-Profit Donations (President’s
choice) that were not done for the past two years.  Mary suggested
Jan’s Rails-to-Trails Horse Sanctuary that has donated space for
horses from the Paradise area.  Judy Mullen will consider the choices.

New Business:
Milt & Carol Wallace were unanimously voted into Chardonnay Travelers as
new members.  They have already filled out the membership form and paid
their club and WIT dues for 2019.  Welcome, Milt & Carol!

A card for Joe Macaluso was passed around for everyone to sign.
Bill Worley recently had a 4-way bypass.  Judy Walton spoke to Linda who
indicated that he was doing well and is in good spirits.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Birthdays = Johnnie Matranga (12), Bill Worley (3), Jan Balcer (16)
Anniversaries = Andersons (8), Macaluso (23), Jackson (19)

Any Other Business?
Scott recommended that our club volunteers for a Hot Breakfast at the Sonora
WIT Meeting on Sunday, October 20, 2019 @ 8am.  It was voted unanimously
to do so.

It was noted that we will have several member rigs missing in September due
to their having signed up for the Grand Circle WIT outing (Bryners, Kenyons,
Jehles, Waltons).  Since several officers are in that group that will be gone,
Judy Mullen (Past President) may need to officiate. Those planning to attend
the September outing at Casa de Fruta, Hollister will need to decide if they will
still wish to schedule the outing.  The Winns are the hosts for that outing.

Adjourned:  12:00 noon

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Chardonnay Travelers
Golden Village Palms Resort
Hemet Ca.
January 26, 2019