Call to Order:  10:02 AM, by President, Scott Kenyon
Pledge of Allegiance:  Scott led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call-Secretary:
There were 9 RVs present, 5 excused.  Thus giving us a quorum for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report:
The minutes from last month were sent out via e-mail on Saturday, Feb 6, 2017
to all members.  Minutes were moved and approved as posted on the club website.  
Moved:  Sandy Schipper      Second:  Judy Walton

:  Judy Walton reported to everyone that Bill Worley is now home
and seems to be doing well.

Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer’s Report showed the current bank balance and was accepted as
presented with no corrections. (Report is ready to be filed for audit.)   
Moved: Art
Schipper   Seconded:  Mary Jehle.
Carol Kenyon, Treasurer, reported about the club inventory of clothes, patches,
etc. -- have a large number of bolo ties and club patches still available.  Carol
commented on the fact that the costs for clothing items are going up due to
increased set/up costs.  She still needs to get in touch with Make-It-Mine to
discuss clothing details.  She also talked to the office at Heritage RV and they
cautioned her that many RV clubs and RV parks are now expecting booking
deposits 2 years in advance. Report was accepted as presented with no corrections.

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):
Fred Bryner, Vice President, reported that the next outing in March (14-17) is at
Yanks RV  Resort, in Greenfield.  The Kenyons & Bryners volunteered to co-host
the outing since there were no other volunteers.  The Winns & Jehles will co-host
the April (10-14) outing at Cal Expo in Sacramento.  The Bryners & Waltons will co-
host the outing in May (20-24) at the Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville.

Questions Discussed:
1.        Don W. – Is there a minimum # that would cause an outing to be canceled?      
Depends on the park minimum and if the members signed-up still wish to do it.
2.        Mary J. – Suggested that we have only one host per outing, but could
they call on someone else to help if needed? Host can ask for assistance from
any members willing.
3.        Gloria A.—Can we invite other Winnebago clubs to join us for an outing?
Yes, but it has to be agreed upon by our club.
4.        Art S. – Discussed the amount of work for hosts. Others indicated that
they would prefer to NOT host alone.  Scott K. & Gloria A. – Agreed that doing a
Thursday welcome dinner as well as a full breakfast was often too much to do.

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report
Scott Kenyon discussed that the Yanks RV Park is a really nice park with a nice
club house/kitchen, nice pool, spa, and exercise room.  There may be a plan for
an excursion to Monterey with possible places to explore like the Monterey Bay
Aquarium, the Marina, and Cannery Row, etc.  It was suggested that dinner
could be at Bubba Gump’s. <or>  Salinas has the Steinbeck Museum and
House to visit.  Look for more information to come.

Old Business :
Art S. asked about Chapter of Excellence.  Mary J. Indicated that the State WIT
club discussed it at the last WIT Board Meeting and it was decided to NOT do it
any more by the National WIT.

New Business:
There was none

Leora needs to send a card to Mike Powers since he is home recuperating from
an operation.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Birthdays  = Bob Anderson (8)
No anniversaries

Any Other Business?
Gloria A. -- Tour/Wine Tasting at New Clairvaux Winery in Vina – leave at 11:30am.
Judy M. offered to sew patches on any t-shirts or sweatshirts next outing – she will
bring her machine.

Adjourned: 11:15am

Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Heritage RV Park
Corning, CA 96021
Feb. 16, 2019