Call to Order: 10:03am, by President, Scott Kenyon

Pledge of Allegiance:  Scott led members in the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-Secretary:  There were 5 RVs present, 9 excused.  Thus, giving us a
quorum for the meeting.  

Secretary’s Report:  A couple of corrections/revisions were posted to the    
secretary by members and minutes were corrected and then posted on the           
club website by the webmaster.  The minutes were moved and approved as      
posted on the club website.   
Moved:  Mary Jehle  Second:  Milt Wallace            

Correspondence:  President, Scott K. mentioned that he has been receiving
monthly correspondence from the National WIT regarding people who have
purchased new Winnebago RVs and have joined WIT International  in our          
club's area.  He will forward this correspondence on to the Secretary, Gayle     
Bryner, and she can then send them "Welcome Brochures" to introduce them           
to the Chardonnay Travelers.  

Treasurer’s Report:  A couple of corrections were suggested to the presented
Treasurer's Report posted on March 12, 2019 and the report was accepted             
by the membership. It will be filed and is ready for audit.  The Treasurer, Carol
Kenyon, noted the current bank balance is $ and that the RV Park   deposits,
including the deposit from Yanks RV, is $. She also announced that the current
club inventory still remains at $.  She does  not plan to order anything new
unless she is contacted by several members to justify the order.    

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  The VP, Fred Bryner, reported that:  
The Southwest Regional is in Las Vegas on March 25-28.  Sue C. and Milt &
Carol W. are attending.  
The next outing in April (11-14) will be at Cal Expo in Sacramento -- the Jehles
& Winns are co-hosting.   

The May (20-23) outing is at the Vineyard RV in Vacaville--the Bryners and
Waltons are co-hosting.

The June (20-23) outing is at French Camp RV in Manteca--the Kenyons &
Mullens are co-hosting.  

The August (15-18) outing is at Bodega Bay RV in Bodega Bay--the Matrangas &
Schippers are co-hosting.   

The September (19-22) outing will be at Casa de Fruta -- talk to Judy M. to see
what the specifics are.  

The October (17-21) outing will be the State Meeting at Mother Lode Fairgrounds
in Sonora--our club will be preparing a hearty breakfast for the event.

The November (14-17) outing will be at the Almond Tree RV in Chico--the
Bryners & Jehles are co-hosting.

December will be our Christmas Luncheon in Rio Vista.  

Mary J. suggested that in March, when the South West Regional is scheduled,
we do not schedule a club outing.  Carol K. asked if CalWIT will maintain the two-
meetings a year schedule at least through 2020 -- Art S. confirmed "Yes."   
Fred B. mentioned that we might invite another smaller club to have a joint-outing
with our club.  He will investigate this.
Fred B. is currently investigating some new RV parks for the 2021 year:  some
suggested sites were Cloverdale KOA, Smithwoods/Felton, and Fort
Bragg/Pomo RV.  Fred will send out the camp site survey that was sent out
earlier...could you please respond to it ASAP?
Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:  Mary J., co-host for the April outing at Cal
Expo, said we have 8--10 rigs scheduled.  Mary will extend an invitation to the
Karrs for the upcoming outing since they were unable to attend in March at Yanks.  
The theme will be "Spring Fair."  Since the kitchen is very limited there, they may
bring in food from Costco for the Saturday meal entre'.  They are planning dinner
out at the Elephant Bar in Sacramento, a tour of the State Capital, and a movie
outside (pending the weather). Should be fun!  

Old Business:  There was no old business.

New Business:  Gayle B. passed out a handout with the items that have been
posted on the WIT website in the past three months.  Go to the WIT Club
website at  

Sunshine:  Leora & Johnnie M. texted Scott K. to say "Hi" and that they were on
their way to Texas & Florida.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:  

Birthdays:  Joe Macaluso March 14

                Carol Kenyon -- March 25

                The Winns  March1

Any Other Business?  Scott K. passed out coupons for the Scheid Vineyard in
Greenfield.  It was suggested that everyone pack a lunch and meet at 12:30pm
to drive to the winery for a complimentary wine tasting and enjoy a picnic lunch        
at the picnic area there.  (*Note: The winery turned out to be really nice, the staff
were very friendly, and the wine was really nice!  A great way to have a picnic!  It
was worth the trip!)

Adjourned: 10:35am

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Yanks RV Park
Greenfield, CA 93927
March 18, 2019