Call to Order: 10:05 am, by President, Scott Kenyon

Pledge of Allegiance:
Scott led members in the Pledge of Allegiance

*Note:  Guests, Dane and Kelly Karr, were in attendance.  The attending
membership unanimously voted to accept their application for membership
into the Chardonnay Travelers.  Welcome, Dane & Kelly!

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 11 RV’s present, 3 excused, & 1 absent:
thus, providing a quorum of 8 for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from last month were sent out via e-mail
4/08/19 to all members.  Minutes were moved and approved with two
suggested corrections and were posted on the club website.                
Moved:   Bob Jehle       Second:  Judy Walton

Bob A. sent an e-mail to tell everyone that Joe Macaluso passed away on
5/19/19.  Then, on Wednesday, 5/22/19, Gloria A. sent an e-mail with information
regarding the funeral services on Friday, 5/24/19.   

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report showed the current bank
balance of $0000.00 and was accepted as presented with one correction.  
We currently have $1,175.00 in RV Park deposits.  There is $983.50 in club

Carol K,,treasurer,  mentioned that the Club President has a discretionary
donation fund to a charity of her/his choice and that our Past President from
the past two years still has two donations of $300 for each year to still designate.

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  
Fred B., V-President, passed out a copy of the partial list of club outings that are
currently scheduled for 2020.  He proposed that we not schedule a monthly outing
in March since Southwest Regional is scheduled for April 5/9/2020.  Consensus
was to leave March unscheduled as proposed.

Schedule for 2020:
•        Jan 23-27, State Meeting, Golden Village Palms RV Resort, Hemet
•        Feb 13-16, Heritage RV Park, Corning – Co-Hosts:  Matranga &
•        March, No outing to be scheduled
•        Apr 5-9, Southwest Regional, Bakersfield RV Resort, Bakersfield
•        May 21-24, Jackson Rancheria Casino & Resort, Jackson – Co-Host:   
      Kenyon & Walton
•        June 16-19, Oroville Feather Falls Casino/KOA, Oroville – Co-Hosts:
     Jehle, Powers, & Chambers
•        Jul 20-25, Grand National Rally, Forest City, Iowa
•        Aug – TBA, Co-Hosts: _________________ & ____________________
•        Sep – TBA, Co-Hosts: _________________ & ____________________
•        Oct 21-25, State Meeting, Bakersfield RV Resort, Bakersfield
•        Nov 19-22, Flag City RV Resort, Lodi – Co-Hosts:  _________
     & _________________
•        Dec 6, Christmas Luncheon, The Point Restaurant, Rio Vista


•       There was discussion regarding the fact that some of the outings were.        
     scheduled for mid-week instead of the regular week-ends.  There was
     some concern that this might exclude any new members that are not
     yet retired.   

•       Sue C. suggested that some Clubs schedule outings that are just prior
     to a State Meeting – either on the way down to/or near to the event. She
     felt that this might instill better Club “connection” or participation.  
     Consensus was not to do that currently.

•       Scott K. mentioned that using the Southwest Regional as one of our  
     scheduled outings would provide better support for that event and
     provide our members with a more global view of the Cal-Wit Club.

•       Fred B. mentioned the possibility of scheduling a future joint outing
     with the Golden Bear Winnies – no date scheduled yet-- probably not
     during this coming March 2020.

•       Mary J. suggested investigating Cassini Ranch for a future outing
     in the summer/fall months.  She thinks that they might have a covered
     area for club meals and events.  Fred B. will check it out to see if
     it might work.

•       Fred B. mentioned that several of our club members attend the
     Blythe Bluegrass Festival in January and then go on to attend the State WIT
     Meeting in Hemet.

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:
The next outing is June 20-23 at French Camp in Manteca.  The Kenyons &
Mullens are the co-hosts.  Scott K. explained that the French Camp RV Park is
now a gated community with key-card entry, sites are pull-thru, has good facilities,
but, NO Wi-Fi.  Outing activities may be a tour of the Chocolate Factory and a
sewing project activity.  Carol K. asked that those that wish to participate bring
their sewing machines.  Some materials will be provided.  (Look for upcoming
information flyer for further information.)

Old Business:  Fred B. mentioned an article that he read on Facebook about
heart attacks & water.  If anyone wants more information, contact Fred.

New Business:  There was no new business.

Sunshine:  A card was passed around for members to sign for the Macaluso

Birthdays & Anniversaries:
•        Birthdays:                Fred Bryner, May 25
•        Anniversaries:           None

Any Other Business?  None

Adjourned:  10:45 am

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Bryner
Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers
Vineyard RV Park
4985 Midway Road
Vacaville, CA 95688
You better get it
right. All eyes
are watching !