Call to Order: 9:59am

Pledge of Allegiance
: Scott K., President, led members in the Pledge of

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 11 RV’s present, 3 excused, thus providing
a quorum of 8.

Secretary’s Report: Last month’s meeting minutes were sent out to all
members via e-mail on 5/25/19 and was posted on the club website 6/3/19.  
Minutes were moved & approved as posted by membership.   
Moved:  Carol K.    Second: Sandy S.

Correspondence:  Gayle B., Secretary, passed out copies of the articles that
have been posted on the National WIT Club website during March – May 2019.
A  Memorial for Joe Macaluso was also posted June 3, 2019.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report was presented by Carol K.,
Treasurer, and was accepted with no corrections.  It showed the current bank
balance and RV Park deposits. The total for club merchandise remains the
same. Carol K. has applied for a Club B of A debit card to be used for RV Park
deposits. The report will be filed and is ready for audit.  

ice President’s Report (Future Outings):  Fred B., V-P, reported that there
are a few changes to some of the upcoming outings:

 2019 Outings:

•         Aug 15-18, Bodega Bay RV Park, Bodega Bay – Co-Hosts:  Schippers
       & Chambers
•        Sep 20-22, Casa de Fruta, Hollister – Co-Hosts: Mullen & Winn
•        Oct 17-21, State Meeting, Mother Lode Fairgrounds, Sonora
       Our club has volunteered to do a “Hearty Breakfast” on Sun @
       8:30am, 10/20/19 – Kenyons will be in-charge of menu/details
•        Nov 14-17, Almond Tree RV Park – Co-Hosts:  Bryners & Jehles
      *Mary J. suggested that Fred B. check with the Almond Tree to
       make certain that the park is still able to handle our group’s       
       reservation because of the people from Paradise that have had
       to re-locate because of the Camp Fire    Fred B. called
       and  verified that everything is OK with the reservation.
•        Dec 8, Christmas Luncheon, The Point Restaurant, Rio Vista @ 2pm

 2020 Outings:

Fred B. is investigating Laguna Seca RV Park for August and Clio’s Rivers
Edge RV Park in Clio, CA (near Grayeagle) for September.

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:  The next outing will be Aug 15-18
at Bodega Bay RV Park, Bodega Bay.  The Schippers and Chambers will
be Co-Hosting.  (The Bryners will be back-up assistants if needed).  Dinner
will possibly be at the Tides Restaurant (TBD).  There may be a possible
craft project.  Art S. is checking on locations for exploration/tours.  More
information to come soon.
*Please Note: Art S. will need to know who is planning to attend at least
3 weeks before the outing to notify the RV Park.

New Business:  The Chardonnay Travelers have been asked to volunteer to
do a dinner during the Southwest Regional, Bakersfield, April 5-9, 2020.    
Moved:  Judy M.  Second:  Mary J.

*Note:  We will need to get our menu approved for the State Meeting by
Carla B. at State WIT before the event.

Sunshine:  Leora M. has been sending e-cards for birthday, anniversary, and
other recognition.  Scott K. thanked Leora & the Club for the nice e-card that he
received for his birthday.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

Birthdays:           •        Mary Jehle                  4
                           •        Judy Walton                8
                           •        Scott Kenyon              9
                           •        Sandy Schipper         26       
Anniversaries:                Powers                   1
                               •       Mullen                     10
                               •       Bryner                     10

Birthdays:           •        Gayle Bryner              10
                           •        Pat Winn                    15
                           •        Bob Jehle                   17

Anniversaries:        •        Burns                      10
                                •        Kenyon                  16
                                •        Schipper                25                        
Any Other Business?  Look for the Southwest Regional information and
registration form soon.  There is a theatre event planned during the event
that will require purchase of tickets in advance.

Sue C. mentioned that she has a friend that has a Winnebago Journey for
sale.  Anyone interested will need to contact Sue C. for more information.

French Camp provided a cake for our club pot luck meal on Saturday.  
Carol K. also had a special birthday cake for club-member birthdays for
June & July.  Thank You, French Camp RV & Carol.

Fred B. shared the difference between “Complete” and “Finished”.  Ask
Fred if curious.

Adjourned:  10:39am

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers
French Camp RV Park,
Manteca, CA 95336
June 22, 2019