Call to Order: 10:00am, by President, Scott Kenyon
Pledge of Allegiance: Scott K.….President, led members in the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 8 RV’s present, 6 excused.  Providing a quorum of 8 for
the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from the June outing were sent out via e-mail on
6/26/19 to all members.  The minutes were posted on the club website on 6/24/19.  
Minutes were moved & approved as posted by membership.        
Moved:  Art S.       Second:  Sue C.

 Art S. sent out an e-mail to all members on July 11, 2019 to inform
them that past member, George Cloutier, has a brain tumor.  Apparently his health continues
to be getting worse and Art is staying in touch with George’s daughter to stay informed about
his status.  Art will let everyone know more as information is available.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report showed the current bank balance and
was accepted as presented with no corrections.  The Treasurer made a 6-month review
of the treasury reports and made revisions where needed.  She has given copies
of the revisions to the club Secretary.  The August report will be filed and is ready
for audit.  

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  Fred B., V-P, reported that he is still waiting
on the final confirmation of a couple of the
2020 outing sites:

Aug 20-23  (*Cannot confirm until January 2020), Laguna Seca RV Park, Monterey –           
Hosts:  Winns (Co-Host needed)
 •        Sep 17-20, Clio’s Rivers Edge RV Park, Clio (near Grayeagle) – Co-Hosts:  
          Bryners & Schippers   (*Dates are “penciled-in” & Fred is waiting for a final     
 •        Feb 13-16, Heritage RV, Corning *Hosts are still needed
 •        Nov 19-22, Flag City RV, Lodi – Co-Hosts:  Mullens & Andersons

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:
  Judy M. reported that the September Outing at
Casa de Fruta is being planned as a
“cooperative event” & members attending will be
assigned responsibilities for certain meals.  There is no clubhouse available to our group so
the meals will be taking place in the covered gazebo area behind the two club buildings.  *
Renaissance Faire
will be that weekend at Casa de Fruta so it should be quite busy and full.

Old Business:  
 •        Scott K. reminded the members that Chardonnay has volunteered to make a
          “hearty breakfast” at the CalWit State Meeting in Sonora in October 17-21.  Our
          menu has been submitted and OK’d by the State Club.  We will be preparing
          oven-baked French toast casseroles, sausage, & fruit juice.
 Scott & Carol K.
          will be responsible for the shopping
.  Scott asked that anyone with an electric
          knife, please bring it so that we can cut-up the bread cubes for the recipe the
          night  before.    They will let us know what equipment/materials the members
          can bring to help with preparation/serving.
 •       Judy M. is helping to plan table decorations – t
heme is “Fright Fest”.

Note:  If you are planning to attend the CalWit State Meeting in Sonora it is important that you
get your registration in by
September 28, 2019!  It will also help Judy to plan on the number
of tables needed for the Chardonnay Travelers

New Business:  

 •        Sue C. discussed that at the upcoming State Meeting there will be a
           “White Rose Ceremony” scheduled to honor the members that have passed
           this year:  Norm Silva, Joe Macaluso, etc.  
Bob A. has volunteered to do Norm Silva; Art S. (+ Fred B. if needed) has       
           volunteered to do
Joe Macaluso.
 •        Carol K. wants to make a quilt to raffle off at the CalWit State Meeting in
          January at Hemet.  The raffle funds would go to the Chardonnay Travelers treasury.
 •        For the November Outing at the Almond Tree RV in Chico, Mary J. mentioned
          that she is  investigating a tour of Bidwell Mansion & possibly a walking tour of
          the Chico State Campus which has a prepared brochure describing sites &
          buildings.  She is also investigating a restaurant in downtown Chico for the dinner
          event for Friday.  
 •        Mary J. also asked if there was interest in a possible rental of a party boat on
          Lake Oroville for the June 2020 outing at Feather Falls Casino/KOA in Oroville.  
         There seemed to be some interest in doing so.

Discussion:  Honorary membership for members no longer with rigs or have lost family
 •        Scott K. proposed that since the Balcers have now sold their rig, the club would
          like to make them “Honorary Members”.  Moved:  Art S.  Second:  Bob J.  “Yes”,
          the vote was unanimous.
 •        It was also proposed that Jo Macaluso also be made an “Honorary Member”
          once she sells her rig.  

 1.     Gloria A. will send cards to: Johnnie M. had a neck operation last week and
         is doing well.  He is currently recuperating at home. <and> Judy W. had a
         back operation in July and is doing well.  She is also recuperating at home and
         is receiving physical therapy.  
 2.    Carol K. will send a card to George Cloutier’s family.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

•        August           Birthdays:          
                 •        Susan Winn                 17
                 •        Loy Cummings              ?
                 •        Gene Mullen                 26
                 •        Sue Chambers             29
(August,  No anniversaries)

•        September   Birthdays       
                 •        Linda Worley              14        
                 •        Carol Wallace             19
                 •        Milt Wallace                14

 Anniversaries        •        Balcers        September 30
Any Other Business?  


  •        State CalWit is having trouble getting new officers for 2020.  
  •        Currently, Art S. has volunteered to continue as President; current V-P is resigning;
           Bob J. has volunteered to continue as Treasurer; and, Mary J. has volunteered to
           continue as Secretary.   
2020 State Meetings are currently scheduled:
                          January    –    Hemet
                          October    --    TBA

Adjourned:  10:56am

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Bryner, Secretary
Chardonnay Travelers
Chardonnay Travelers
Bodega Bay RV Park
2001 Hwy 1, Bodega Bay, CA 94923
August 17, 2019