Call to Order: 12 Noon, by Vice President, Fred Bryner

Pledge of Allegiance: Informal meeting, no flag available.

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 6 RV’s present, 10 excused.  Providing a quorum for the

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from February & the WIT Newsletter article were sent out
via e-mail on 2/29/20 to all members          Moved: Mary Jehle        Second: Gloria Anderson

Correspondence:  None

reasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report showed the current bank balance of $0000,00
as accepted as presented with no corrections.  We currently have $600.00 in RV Park
deposits. The club merchandise total remains at $319.50.
Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  Due to the social distancing and quarantine issues
related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Apr 5-9 outing at the Southwest Regional and May 21-24
outing at Jackson Rancheria were both cancelled.   The June 16-19 outing at the Oroville
Feather Falls Casino KOA took place as scheduled.  The Grand National Rally scheduled
July 13-17 was cancelled for this year as well.

At this moment, the upcoming outings are scheduled:
Aug 20-23 -- Leguna Seca RV Park in Salinas, Co-Hosts: Winn & Mullen
Sep 17-20 – Clio’s Rivers Edge RV Park in Clio, Co-Hosts: Bryner & Schipper –>
(See below)
Oct 22-26 – State Meeting, Bakersfield RV Resort in Bakersfield – Hosts:  CalWIT
Nov 19-22 – Flag City RV Resort in Lodi, Co-Hosts: Mullen & Anderson
Dec 6 – Annual Christmas Luncheon, The Point Restaurant in Rio Vista
Jan 21-24 – State Meeting, Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet – Hosts: CalWIT
Feb 11-14 – The Vineyard RV Park in Vacaville, Co-Hosts:  Walton & Wallace
March 24 – 28 – Southwest Regional in Bakersfield RV Resort, Hosts: SWR
April – TBA
May 20-23 – 49er Village RV Resort in Plymouth, Co-Hosts:  Bryner & ____________
June – TBA
July – Grand National Ralley
Aug – TBA
Sep – TBA
Oct – TBA
Nov – TBA
Dec 5 – Annual Christmas Luncheon, TBA
Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:  Susan Winn is planning to send out an inquiry to find
out how many people are interested in the Laguna Seca outing on Aug 20-23.  
She will need
your RSVP by July 10! Yes-No-Maybe?
  The RV Park has notified us that there will be some
limits to use of their facilities.
 First, we will NOT be able to use the Clubhouse due to Covid-
19 & the fact that their clubhouse is closed due to mold issues.  
Second, plan to come with full
water tanks due to the fact that their
water is NOT POTABLE at this time!  Third, due to Covid-
19 distancing rules, group get-togethers will need to be limited and social distancing
will be in order.  There is an open area behind our rigs where we might be able to set up sun
shades if winds are cooperative.  

New Business:  Mary Jehle asked if Chardonnay would be willing/interested in doing one of
the dinners at the next State Meeting in Bakersfield in October.
 Though there wasn’t a
lot of interest in this request, we will need to discuss this further to see if the members that attend
from our club would be interested in planning a meal & preparing it for the attendees.  
discussion needed.

 Leora continues to send out e-cards for special events & holidays, birthdays,
anniversaries, etc.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:  Secretary, Gayle Bryner, read a list of birthdays and anniversaries
that have been missed during the Covid-19 cancellations/quarantines.  Our apologies for not
acknowledging all of those very special dates & events.  Sorry!    

  Birthdays                                       Anniversaries

Adjourned:  12:20pm  

Fred’s P.S. -- On the way home from our trip after the Chardonnay outing in Oroville in June,
we stopped at Clio's Rivers Edge at Clio/Grayeagle for 2 nights.  The RV Park was pleasant a
nd the area was mostly pine forests and mountain meadows.  There were several places to
explore with various activities available: golfing, barn quilt viewing, hiking, swimming, kayaking,
fishing, etc.  The weather was lovely.  But, we met with the camp staff and were informed that
currently all group reservations have been canceled due to Covid-19. The Clubhouse will remain
closed until they are told by the State/County what they are mandated to do. We were told to
have our members call and make their own individual reservations if we still wanted to come in
September.  So, after getting home, I tried to do so and found that there were only 8 sites
available for a 34ft rig. That led to a round robin of emails and phone calls…with no positive
results. So, Art and I decided to look elsewhere. I have booked the lower circle at Gold Strike
in San Andreas to replace Clio's for September 17-20, 2020.  We hope that this change meets
with your satisfaction and that we can now proceed to planning for this outing.  I am busy trying
to make reservations for the upcoming 2021 year.  So far, most of the RV Parks that I have
contacted are not allowing group reservations and/or access to Clubhouses, etc. pending  
further notice from the State/Counties.  So, that is the way it is.  I will continue to investigate
options for the outing dates that are not confirmed so far – if you have any suggestions, please
send them to me ASAP so I can check for availability.  Hopefully things will only get better as
time goes on.

Thanks for all of your patience and understanding,    -- Fred Bryner
Oroville Feather Falls
Casino KOA
Oroville, CA 95966
June 17, 2020
Carol Kenyon
Art Schipper
Judy Mullen
Collen McCabe
Pam Hight
Fred Byner
Mary Jehle
Judy Walton
Scott Kenyon
Sandy Schipper
Gayle B yner
Pat Winn
Bob Jehle