APRIL 2014

Twelve Chardonnay Travelers RVs were present at the April 24-27 State Winnebago outing at the
Fairgrounds in Lodi. Although the golf tournament was rained out on Friday, our spirits were sunny as
we enjoyed indoor games and fellowship.  
reported for kitchen duty at 1:00, we saw spread out before us 13 work stations of greased pans, pre-
measured bags of ingredients, plus the printed directions for the Cordon Bleu Casserole.  It was
AWESOME – and fun!!  Chapter members had a hilarious time putting together the casseroles “elbow to
elbow”.  Those casseroles were all ready for baking, and we had cleaned up the kitchen by 2:00!! Jo
and Joe kept an eye on the casseroles while they baked, and blanched the green beans.  Kudos to
Macalusos for all the work they did ahead of time, and to the assembling crew – job well done!

Many of us enjoyed watching the “Unique Bicycle Contest” on Saturday afternoon.  All entries were
cheered as they took turns parading their bikes past the crowd and judges.  You might ask, who were
those judges rendering opinions modeled after “Dancing With the Stars”?  (Hint: You know them well:  A.
S., S.C., & B.A.)   Winners were announced after dinner that evening.  Our own Johnny Matranga
participated with his “sidekick” Baron, and they took 2nd place following a tie-breaking second round.
The winning couple stole the show singing a French

Our dinner flowed smoothly with so many helpers dishing up salads and desserts in the kitchen while
others carried it all to the servers out front.  And a very delicious dinner it was!  Before and after dinner
we were entertained by a live combo performing Country/Western music.  
Visiting with friends, delicious meals, fun activities, music and games – what could be better?  Life is