August 2014
Team Matranga/Anderson did a great job as Wagon Masters for the August outing in Felton!  
Kudos go to Bob and Gloria Anderson for stepping up to the plate when medical problems
side-lined Johnnie and Leora’s original co-hosts, the Walton’s and the Powers.  Eleven
fashioned summertime” fun in a beautiful setting.

Johnnie and Bob A. barbequed on the deck overlooking the river for our welcome dinner of
burgers, salads, beans, and ice cream bars.  The next morning we packed lunches into our
decorated baskets and traveled to Roaring Camp Park.  After admiring everyone’s baskets, we
voted for our favorite, and the Kenyon’s basket won first prize!  

We settled at picnic tables on the deck of the old schoolhouse to eat our lunches, and then
climbed aboard the open-air Steam Train to enjoy a ride through the lovely redwood trees.  
That evening we car-pooled into Felton for a Mexican dinner at Don Quixote Restaurant,
where the margaritas, as well as the food, were quite popular.After dinner members gathered
in the clubhouse to work on the Chardonnay Song, and ended up having a sing-along.

The RV Park put on an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.  Later,
members gathered outdoors near the Anderson’s RV for our chapter meeting.  We were on
our own for lunch, and some members car-pooled to near-by Santa Cruz or Felton
restaurants.  Ladder Golf was set up in the shade, and we visited while cheering on the teams
who played. That evening, Johnnie and Bob again fired up the BBQs on the deck for a “bring
your own meat” potluck dinner.  Afterwards, we played Card Bingo with Linda Worley winning
the biggest pot at the end.

We said our good-byes at the get-away breakfast before hitting the road, basking in the glow
of another fun Chardonnay outing with friends.
Winners of the Picnic
Bakset Decorating