Kudos to Mary and Bob Jehle, Patrice Hall, and Sherry Shook for keeping the yummy meals and fun
activities rolling right along without a hitch in spite of the food thief who struck the kitchen two nights in a
row!  And thanks also to the folks at the lovely French Camp RV Resort who reimbursed the club for the
food that had to be replaced.

Sixteen Chardonnay rigs gathered in French Camp for this outing.  Members enjoyed a Thursday night
dinner of Chili, potatoes, and all the trimmings provided by the hosts.  Great new idea!  And it is always a
nice treat to not fix food on the day we arrive!  

Friday morning, our hosts prepared a delicious full breakfast to start the day off right.  That afternoon,
docents led small groups through the amazing Haggin Museum in Stockton, where there seemed to be
something to interest everyone, from fine art to a Holt tractor, Indian collections to local history displays.  
That barely scratches the surface of what this museum has to offer, plus it is located in a beautiful park
worth exploring on its own.  That evening, we car-pooled back to Stockton to “The Spaghetti Factory” for

Our chapter meeting was held Saturday morning.  At the Delicato Winery that afternoon, we viewed an
interesting video of their wine-making process from the grape crush through boxing for shipping.  Much
fun was had as more information about the history of this family winery and their wines was shared during
the wine-tasting that followed.  Many members walked away with purchases of wine and/or specialty items
from the gift shops.    

Saturday evening, favorite casseroles were prepared by club members for dinner, with salad and
desserts provided by the hosts.  Jo Macaluso brought the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe that we will
prepare at the State Meeting in April, so everyone could taste it.  Delicious, Jo!!  It should definitely be a

Also this weekend, the group greeted our two newest “doggie” members:  “Sasha”, the Anderson’s 6
month old pup, and the Winn’s new pup “Trudi”, who was named at the outing with a little help from our
CT friends.  Most of our dogs seemed to really enjoy the great dog park at French Camp, but the pups
absolutely wore themselves out playing together!!