By Judy Mullen
   Escaping the summer heat, nine Chardonnay Travelers RV’s arrived at Porto Bodega
Marina and RV Park, Bodega Bay California.  The cool breeze was welcomed by all.  Our
hosts, the Schippers and Kenyons provided a dinner of yummy homemade stew, salad, bread,
and ice cream bars.  The evening entertainment was the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”.   
It was filmed at Bodega Bay.

   Friday morning breakfast was provided by our hosts.  Breakfast burritos with a variety of
fillings, fruit, and juice was a great way to start the day. Carol Kenyon shared her talents
teaching us to decorate wine bags and cards using fabric paints, leaf stamps and wine corks.  
Much to our surprise they all turned out well and actually looked like grape clusters.  In the
afternoon many went to visit a goat farm that practices sustainable agriculture.  In the evening
we had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant in Valley Ford.

   A chapter meeting started our Saturday.  Lunch and the afternoon activities were on our
own.  The evening meal was a pot luck with our hosts providing barbequed Tri Tip.  This was
followed by a white elephant auction.  Tom Balcer was the auctioneer who attempted to
control the energetic bidding.  It was so much fun!!  One man’s trash is another’s treasure.
   Sunday morning and the getaway breakfast came too soon.  We all look forward to our
next outing.