Chardonnay Traveler’s
May Newsletter
By Gloria Anderson, acting secretary

     The Chardonnay Travelers spent a great 5/21/16 weekend at The Parkway
RV Park in Orland, CA.  On Thursday evening we had a social hour with
champagne and caviar by the Reimers, and then we carpooled to the Farwood
Bar and Grill in Orland for a delicious dinner.  On Friday we had an outing to the
Winery and Abbey of Our Lady of New Clairvaux in Vina, CA, where we walked
around the beautiful area, saw a video on the history of the abbey and then did
some wine tasting.

We enjoyed a dinner and played some games.  On Saturday morning we had our
monthly meeting and members did some sightseeing around the Orland area.  
The Glenn County Fair was this weekend in Orland and some members enjoyed
a visit there.  For the evening we had a potluck dinner and played games.  
Sunday morning we had our continental breakfast and said our farewells.  Half of
our group took off for vacations to different parts of the country so we wish them
safe travels and to see them again soon.  We thank our guests Robert and
Penny Burns for joining us this weekend.  

Submitted by acting Secretary, Gloria Anderson