Shrimp and Avocado Salad Judy Silva, May 2010

1 lb uncooked shrimp, peeled and deveined,
Small clove garlic, minced
tsp chili powder
tsp ground cumin
2 tsp olive oil
5 cups romaine salad mix
1 cup fresh or frozen corn, thawed
1 cup frozen peas, thawed,
      (Judy used fresh pea pods instead, cut up)
1/2 cup chopped sweet red pepper
1-2 ripe avocado, peeled and sliced

Cilantro Vinaigrette:  7 tablespoons olive oil, cup minced fresh cilantro, cup lime juice, 1 teaspoons sugar, 1 small minced garlic clove, teaspoon pepper.

In large skillet, cook shrimp, garlic, chili powder, cumin in oil for 3-4 minutes or until shrimp turns pink, set aside.  In large bowl, combine romaine, corn, peas, and red pepper.  Top with shrimp and avocado, mix with dressing.

Bon Appetite!