Almond Tree RV Park
Chico, CA
September 24, 2021

Call to Order: 10:05am, by President, Fred Bryner

Pledge of Allegiance: VP, Art Schipper, led members in the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 9 RV’s present, 7 excused.  Providing a quorum of 9 for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from last month were sent out via e-mail on 9/01/2021 to all members and were accepted by attending members and were moved and seconded by: 

                            Moved:    Scott Kenyon                            Second:  Gene Mullen

Correspondence:  Don Walton sent out a new address notification.  He is now living in Seal Beach, CA.  He seems to be doing well and sends his love to all. A revised “Membership Roster” will be sent out soon.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report showed the current bank balance of $0000.00 and was accepted as presented with no corrections.  We currently have $700.00 in RV Park deposits.  
There was a total of $304.50 for club merchandise.

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  Art Schipper, VP, reported that all the deposits for the upcoming outings in 2022, except for the Yanks RV Resort in Greenfield, have been paid.  He mentioned that we still need Co-Hosts for the Yanks RV Resort in April and a Co-Host (to work with Chambers & Powers) at the Almond Tree RV in November


Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:  

  1. The next outing is the State Meeting in Bakersfield. We will have 8 rigs attending the event.  Apparently the total count is around 50 people.
    1. Chardonnay Travelers will be preparing the dinner on Thursday, Oct. 7th. Carol Kenyon is the coordinator of the dinner.  Assignments will be sent out soon. Carol K., Judy M. & Gay B. are working on table decorations for the meeting.
    2. Fred B. has volunteered to set-up a pot of hot water with coffee, tea, creamer & sugar at the State Meeting. Fred will also be raffling a decorated fishing hat to make money for CalWIT.


  2. The outing in November will be at Black Oak Casino Resort. The Co-Hosts are Carol & Milt Wallace and Leora & Johnnie Matranga (The Winns will assist if needed).  Milt & Carol have visited the resort and they reported that the resort is very nice.  They are busy investigating what is happening in the area in November.  They are planning some sort of “open-house event “to show off their new home.  It should be fun! 

Old Business: 


Judy Mullen commented how nice the e-cards that Leora Matranga, Sunshine, has been sending out to her/everyone!  She really enjoys them.  Leora has volunteered to continue as Sunshine this next year. Thanks, Leora! 

New Business:  Fred Bryner discussed the nomination of officers for the upcoming year (2022).  The nominations will be discussed again in October/November.  The final elections will take place in November.

Nominations of Officers for 2022:


Fred Bryner

        Vice President

Carol Kenyon


Bob Jehle


Gay Bryner

* If anyone wishes to make a nomination or volunteer for a particular office, please contact either Art Schipper or Fred Bryner.

Sunshine:  Leora M. will send a card to Mary Jehle after her fall while riding a horse this last week end.  Mary is doing well and luckily did not break anything badly this timeHopefully she will continue to get better slowly-but-surely.

Birthdays & Anniversaries:







Carol Wallace

Milt Wallace







Don Walton (Honorary)

Dane Karr

Leora Matranga

Gloria Anderson

Penny Burns
Dolores Meyer








Any Other Business?  None


Adjourned:  10:51am

Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Bryner, Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers



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