Gilroy Garlic USA RV
Gilroy, CA
September 27, 2021

Call to Order: 10:03am, by President, Fred Bryner

Pledge of Allegiance: Fred led members in the “Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 9 RV’s present, 7 excused, 0 Extended Guests.  Providing a quorum of 9 for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from last month were sent out via e-mail on Aug. 14, 2021 to all members and were accepted by attending members and were moved and seconded by: 

                        Moved:    Mary Jehle                                        Second:  Mike Powers

Correspondence:  VP, Art Schipper sent out a final/revised Calendar of Events for 2022 on June 22, 2021.  He commented on how complicated it has become due to Covid-19 during the past two years have been…but, it is finally confirmed and the calendar is done!  Thanks, Art, your effort is really appreciated!

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer, Bob Jehle presented the Treasurer’s Report which showed the current bank balance and was accepted as presented with no corrections.  We currently have RV Park deposits pending. The total for club merchandise remains the same.

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  With the Final Calendar of Events for 2022 completed, VP, Art Schipper mentioned that we have 4 ½ months that still needed Co-Hosts.  A clipboard was sent around to the attending membership for sign-ups for those months. After the clipboard went around, we now have 2 ½ still not having Co-Hosts (April, August, & November {1/2}).  All of the parks scheduled have indicated that use of the clubhouse is OK and no extra charges will be levied.  So, next year looks like a “GO” at this time!

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:  
The next outing will be at the Almond Tree RV Park in Chico on September 23-26.  Mary Jehle mentioned that the Salmon Festival in Oroville is on the calendar and that it is looking like it will be very active with a street festival, craft faire, car show, & food booths, etc.  Our Hosts have planned for our club to attend the festival on Saturday (Sept. 25).  The Club Meeting will be on Friday, Sept. 24.  The Jehles are thinking that they might have a “bring your own meat” B-B-Q at their house on Thursday.  One night will probably be a catered meal from a local restaurant at the Almond Tree RV Park.  Plans for Sunday are still being worked on.  It sounds like a fun weekend!  Hope to see everyone there!

Old Business:  Carol Kenyon discussed that the Chardonnay Travelers are making dinner during the upcoming State Meeting in Bakersfield in October 6-10.  We will be preparing our dinner on Thursday, October 7.  The menu will be: Mama Jo’s Sloppy Joes, Salad, Brownies, & condimentsCarol will work out who will be assigned to what items and will get back to attending members soon. 

New Business: 
1)Fred Bryner announced that at the October Meeting we will open elections for the 1st round of nominations of officers.  The November meeting will be the 2nd round of nominations and then voting to elect 2022 officers. 

2) Sue Chambers, President of CalWIT
, mentioned that the State Club will need a Secretary & a Treasurer for 2022.  Sue will be continuing on as President for another year!  The upcoming State Meeting is titled “New Beginnings”.  One of the items that have been discussed is allowing non-Winnebago members to attend State Meetings as s Guest of a sponsoring member. 

Sunshine:  Leora Matranga recently had a knee replacement operation.  She is doing well.  They had hoped that they could attend this time…but, Leora realized that she needed to take things a bit more slowly for a few weeks and hopes to attend one of the next outings.  Carol Kenyon passed around a card for Leora for all to sign.  It should be in the mail soon!  Hope to see you soon, Leora & Johnnie!  Take care!

Birthdays & Anniversaries:



·        August


·        August


Susan Winn

Loy Cummings
Gene Mullens
Sue Chambers





·        September


·        September


Carol Wallace
Milt Wallace





Other Business?  Corn-Hole Tournament winners:  Milt/Bob J. #1;  Johnny/Debbie Z. #2;  Mike P./Scott K. #3;  Fred/Gay B. #4

Adjourned:  11:01am

Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Bryner, Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers

September 1, 2021


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