Almond Tree RV Park
                                                                                   Chico, CA
                                                                    September 23-26, 2021
                                                                     Chardonnay Travelers

“Let’s Go Fishin’” was the title of this month’s outing for the Chardonnay Travelers.  Our Co-Hosts, Judy & Gene Mullen and Mary & Bob Jehle planned the week end with several events, including the annual Oroville Salmon Festival.  It all went smoothly, except…the planning didn’t include Mary’s falling off a horse and having to spend much of the first day at the Enloe Emergency!   Luckily, Mary is doing well (enough) and the outing went on as planned!

Thursday (23) was planned for the arrival of attendees in the afternoon with a “Social Hour at 5” and a “Dinner at 6” which included a taco salad and with all the fixings.  Host, Gene, spent the afternoon chopping-up all the “goodies” to go with the salad – good job, Gene!  The dinner went very nicely for a warm afternoon in Chico!

Friday (24) included a Club Meeting lead by President, Fred Bryner, at 10am that morning.  After that, the day was planned for free-time and exploration of the Chico area.  Some of our members decided to try out the un-heated swimming pool there at the park!  A little chilly but they survived and enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon.  That evening, our Co-Hosts, Mary & Bob Jehle, invited our group over to their lovely house there in Chico for a “Social Hour, Bar-B-Que, and Potluck Dinner”.  Since Mary was still not moving too well, she got to just be the pleasant hostess.  Glad to see that you are doing well, Mary!  Since Chico was being its “normal-warm-and-windy-self” that afternoon many of the attendees were happy to remain inside to visit with each other.  Others were happy to enjoy the backyard….but, no one was brave enough to try the swimming pool!  Oh, well.

Saturday (25) included a visit to Oroville, 25 miles away, for the Oroville Salmon Festival. The festival included an Art Fair, a Kids Activities area, a Downtown Oroville Street Fair, a Car Show & Shine, Salmon Festival River Trips in kayaks, the Feather River Fish Hatchery Viewing Window & Salmon Ladder, and lots of different food items with Salmon and beverages.  Many of our members ventured over to see what was happening there.  It was quite the event!  That evening our Hosts arranged for a “Buffet Dinner” put on by a local restaurant, the Italian Cottage, in the park’s clubhouse.  Really nice not having to worry about going out to dinner…it was brought to us!  Very nice!

Sunday (26) included a “Get-Away-Breakfast” in the park’s clubhouse before everyone packed-up and started on their way home. This outing ended-up being a successful event — even with Mary’s horse accident.  We are all so glad that she didn’t hurt herself more and was still able to participate in some of the outing’s events. We would like to extend a “thank-you” to our hosts for an eventful and pleasant weekend.

Remember, if you are interested in joining us at any of our future outings please feel free to check the Chardonnay Travelers website (  If you would like to attend an outing please contact Fred Bryner, President, at  Hope to see you soon!
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