Chardonnay Travelers

Bakersfield RV/CalWIT State Meeting
Bakersfield, CA 93313
October 8, 2021

Call to Order: 2:59pm, by President, Fred Bryner

Pledge of Allegiance: Fred led members in the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-Secretary: There were 8 RV’s present, 8 excused, 0 Extended Guests.  Providing a quorum of 8 for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes from last month were sent out via e-mail on 10/05/2021 to all members and were accepted by attending members without corrections and were moved and seconded by:

                                  Moved:     Bob Jehle                                Second:   Carol Wallace

Correspondence:   The Secretary, Gay Bryner, sent out September Minutes and WIT News Article via e-mail on Tuesday, 10/05/2021.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer, Bob Jehle, showing the current bank balance which was accepted as presented with no corrections.  We currently have pending RV Park deposits outstanding. The club merchandise remained the same.

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):   Art Schipper, VP, reported that Yanks RV is confirmed and we will have the use of the clubhouse.  Mandel and Margo Berenberg have volunteered to Co-Host the Yanks outing April 21-24, 2022.  Art mentioned that we still need a Host to work with them for that outing.

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:   Milt Wallace, the Co-Host of the upcoming November 19-22, 2021 (Fri-Mon) outing at Black Oak Casino Resort in Tuolumne, discussed the plans that they have made.  They have been busy exploring the area to find what is happening during the time we are going to be there.  Milt mentioned that on Saturday (20th) the Sierra Repertoire Theater is performing “Murder on the Orient Express” at 2pm in Sonora.  It was decided that our group would like to attend and Milt will get tickets for those wishing to attend.  Milt will need to know how many are planning to attend the outing so that he can get tickets for everyone.  Please RSVP to Milt Wallace as soon as possible and no later than Nov 1.  It is still unsure exactly how many days our group will have access to the Black Oak clubhouse.  So far it looks like we will have access to the clubhouse Sunday (21) and Monday (22).  The Wallaces have plans to have the traditional pot-luck dinner at their new home one of the nights and our group will go out for dinner at the Peppery Restaurant in Sonora another night.  The Club Meeting will be scheduled at the Wallace home once everything is finalized. Watch for the outing agenda and food assignments in November.  Should be a busy weekend!

Old Business:  Election of Officers will be postponed to the November outing.

Nomination of Officers for 2022:·        If anyone would like to run for one of the positions please let Art Schipper or Scott Kenyon know before the November meeting.
PresidentFred Bryner (1 year)
Vice-PresidentCarol Kenyon
TreasurerBob Jehle
SecretaryGay Bryner

New Business:

  • Our club has been asked to prepare a dinner at the South West Regional in March 16-20, 2022. Fred will investigate some options and preparation costs.
  • The dinner that we prepared at the CalWIT Meeting this month (October) in Bakersfield cost the club $329 to prepare; CalWIT paid the club $520; with a total profit of $191.Birthdays & Anniversaries:
OctoberDon Walton (H)
Dane Karr
Leora Matranga
Gloria Anderson
Penny Burns
Dolores Meyer (H)
DecemberCarol Powers
Michael Powers
Kelly Karr
Debbie Zinck
Judy Silva (H)
Matranga (70yr)
Silva (H)
Walton (H)

Any Other Business? 

  • Sue Chambers will call Colleen McCabe to see how she is doing (has been in Alaska).
  • Fred Bryner will call the Karrs to see how they are doing.  

Adjourned:  3:27


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Bryner

Secretary, Chardonnay Travelers


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