Vineyard RV Park
Vacaville, CA 95688
February 13, 2021

Call to Order: 12 noon, by President, Scott Kenyon

Pledge of Allegiance: Scott led members in the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-Secretary:  There were 7 RV’s present, 8 excused.  Providing a quorum for the meeting.

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from June 17, 2020 & February 15, 2020 were provided to those attending this meeting.  These past minutes had also been sent out via e-mail to all members last year.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic & smoke issues caused by state-wide fires, these were the only two outings that our club was able to have occur during 2020. These minutes were accepted as is by attending members and were moved & seconded by:        Moved:   Carol Kenyon                   Second:  Sue Chambers

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report showed a current bank balance and was accepted as presented with no corrections.  We currently have only one RV deposit check from the Vineyard RV Park still pending and it is expected to be returned to Fred Bryner soon. The total for club merchandise remains the same as in past reports.

  • Carol Kenyon mentioned that the Executive Board has proposed that due to the few club outings that actually occurred in 2020, the local club dues should be waived for the upcoming year of 2021. Also, it was mentioned that CalWIT is also waving the 2021 dues for all members as well.  Members will still have to take care of their own payment of National Winnebago dues.
  • Carol also discussed the ongoing issue of the club merchandise boxes continuing to remain the same since the items contained in the boxes are not appropriate sizes and styles and that no one seems to be interested in purchasing them. Carol suggested that we get rid of the unwanted items either by donating them or throwing them out.   Judy Mullen suggested that we maybe look into doing some sort of sewing/craft activity using the shirts/sweatshirts with logos.  Everyone thought that that might be a fun activity.  Further discussion will take place in the near future. The boxes will be transferred on to the new Treasurer for the time being.

Vice President’s Report (Future Outings):  A “2021 Calendar of Events” was passed out to everyone attending.

  • The upcoming Southwest Regional in Bakersfield in March has been cancelled.
  • There is currently nothing scheduled for April.
  • The next outing in May 20-23 is currently scheduled at the 49er Village RV Park in Kenyons & Bryners are Co-Hosts.
  • Fred Bryner is currently looking into a possible outing in June at the Black Oak RV & Casino in Tuolumne during the 2nd or 3rd weekends of the month. More to be determined soon. Hosts would be needed.
  • September is possibly planned in Oroville to attend the Oroville Salmon Festival. Jehles are Hosts. 
  • October will be in Bakersfield for the CalWIT State Meeting. Sue Chambers asked if our club was willing to sponsor a dinner for one of the nights – It was agreed that we are willing to do it the 2nd or 3rd nightJudy Mullen suggested that we do Mama Joe’s Sloppy Joe Sandwiches and Brownies like we have before. Sue will be getting back to us soon.
  • November will be in Chico at the Almond Tree RV Park for the annual Thanksgiving Celebration. Hosts are needed.
  • December will be our annual Christmas Luncheon – The Point Restaurant, Rio Vista, Sunday, December 5.

Next Outing Wagon Master’s Report:  Scott Kenyon discussed the upcoming outing at the 49er RV Park in Plymouth on May 20-23.  At this time we are scheduled for half of the large clubhouse.  Carol Kenyon & Judy Mullen suggested a craft activity to do at this outing.  Anyone interested in participating needs to gather 35+ wine corks for the activity. Carol & Judy need to get together to decide exactly what it is that they will be doing.  More to come soon.

Old Business:  We would like to thank Leora Matranga for her good work as Sunshine.  She has been sending out many e-cards to members throughout the year.  The cards are really appreciated.  “Thanks again, Leora!”

Sunshine:  None (excused)

New Business:  Election of Officers for 2021

  • In November of 2020, an Election Committee consisting of Art Schipper and Scott Kenyon was appointed. After a number of e-mail messages from the committee regarding the open position of Vice President (November –> February), Art Schipper graciously volunteered to take the VP position for only one (1) year (2021) to keep our club from losing its active status with WIT.  It is important that our club has a full complement of Executive Officers to maintain functional organization.  Art is only willing to do the one year as VP and does NOT intend to go on to become President the next year.  Please consider this need in the future.

·                  President 

·                  Vice President (for 2021 only)

·                  Secretary  

·                  Treasurer

·                  Past President

·                  Sunshine (Appointed)

.                  Fred Bryner

·                  Art Schipper

·                  Gay Bryner

·                  Bob Jehle

·                  Scott Kenyon

·                  Leora Matranga

Yes, Unaminous

Yea,  11 : Nay 2


· Yea, Unanimous

Yea, Unanimous

* Following the procedures established in the Chardonnay Travelers Bylaws, Scott Kenyon installed the officers listed above after they were nominated and elected by the attending members.

  • Bob Anderson reported that the WebPages for CalWIT and Chardonnay Travelers are no longer being supported by the old software. Bob is setting up a new revised site using new software and he is working hard to get the new sites up and running in the near future!  It really is a lot of work supporting a website, especially when you are forced to learn a new system/software!  “Thank you, Bob!”

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

Month Birthday Date Anniversary Date

Ray Hight

Johnnie Matranga
Jan Balcer (Honorary)
Robert Burns

February Bob Anderson
Tom Balcer (Honorary)
March Carol Kenyon 25 Winn
April Art Schipper
Judy Mullen
Jehle 15

Any Other Business?   Fred Bryner moved that Jo Macaluso and Don & Judy Walton be nominated “Honorary Members of the Chardonnay Travelers. “   Both families have had to sell their rigs due to loss of a loved one or health issues.  These people have been members who have held Executive offices, served on committees, and have been active participants in events and activities supporting the Chardonnay Travelers.  The Club wishes to thank them for all that they have done for us and with us throughout the years.  “Thank you very much!”   The vote was unanimous.     Moved:  Fred Bryner                 Second:  Gay Bryner


Adjourned:  12:58 pm
Respectfully Submitted
Gayle Bryner


         After the meeting:  Scott Kenyon installed the new officers.

  • Fred Bryner —  President
    • Art Schipper – Vice President
    • Gay Bryner – Secretary
    • Bob Jehle – Treasurer
    • Scott Kenyon – Past President
    • Leora Matranga – Sunshine

    Congratulations to All!



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