These guidelines have been put together to assist wagon masters and members in performing their duties and responsibilities for outings of the Chardonnay Travelers.

1.      GENERAL:  Members are expected to be Wagon masters on a regular basis (Bylaws Paragraph 20).  This will
probably occur once every 1.5 to two years
a.       As soon as possible contact the Wagon masters and inform them of your attendance plans, meaning
you will or will not attend.
b.      DON’T wait until the last minute to make the above contact.
c.       DON’T rely on the Wagon masters to contact you.  This is not their responsibility.
d.      Notify the Wagon masters as soon as possible if there are any changes in your plans.
e.       Each park has its own rules for cancellations.  The Chapter may have to pay for an empty site.  Some
parks require the first night’s camping fee in advance and will keep it if the spot cannot be filled.  If a
Member unit says they will attend an outing and do not, they will be assessed whatever funds the Chapter
expends on their behalf.
3.  PARKING:  The wagon master, co-wagon master and members with disabilities will park in the spaces closest to the Club Room.  This is to aid them in unloading supplies and equipment.  There is a lot of running back and forth to their rig for various items.
a.  If you intend to arrive early (day before), please call the park and make reservations.
b.  When you arrive, check with the park to see what spaces have been reserved for the Wagon master team and disabled (if applicable).  DO NOT park in those sites.

a.  Two months before the outing, contact the host park to determine the number of sites they have reserved
for our use.
b.   Also reconfirm the fact that the Chapter has a clubroom for the period of the outing.
c.   Confirm what the daily fee will be for 10+ rigs.
d.    Inform them that you will be the wagon master and give them your phone contact number.
e.    Commence planning outing meals and events, as you will need this information for the outing notice.
f.     It is imperative that the Wagon master communicate with the host park, keeping them advised of the number of sites needed.
g.      This update should be made immediately if the number of members attending exceed the number of reserved sites, with the final count notification to the park AT LEAST a week before the outing.  If there are any subsequent changes, notify the park immediately.
h.      Give the park the names of those who get preferred parking (Wagon masters, co-Wagon masters, any disabled members).
a.  Have the outing notices prepared and ready for distribution ONE month before the outing.
b.  The method of getting the notices to the members is at the Wagon masters discretion.  The
Wagon masters may work with the chapter Secretary to create and distribute notices.
3.  MEALS:
a.  Normally, the Wagon masters will provide one breakfast, the main course for one dinner and one continental
breakfast.  Alternatives can be meals out, potluck, lunches, or a catered meal. The catered meal should be at a
reasonable cost. The members should be notified in advance of any unusual meal costs.
b.  Any deviation from past meal practices must be stated in the outing notice.
c.  The Chapter will reimburse all food supply costs from funds assessed to each member attending the outing.
4.  MISCELLANEOUS:  Room decorations, game prizes, etc. provided by the Wagon master or by any other member will be reimbursed up to $50 per outing.
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