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April 24, 2015
18. WAGON MASTER APPOINTMENTS. The Vice President will be empowered to appoint Wagon Masters if
there are no volunteers. No member will be excused from Wagon Master duty except new members will be
given six (6) months before being selected as Wagon Master. The Vice President will ensure Wagon Master
duty is shared on an equitable basis.  Generally, there will be a Wagon Master from one rig and a Co-
Wagon Master from another rig at each outing.
A Wagon Master will not be used when the Chapter elects to attend State WIT campouts and rallies or when
a majority of the Chapter members attend a campout sponsored by another Chapter. This action will reduce
the total number of times members will be required to act as Wagon Master during the year. Active members
who are absent from the meeting may be selected for Wagon Master duty and will be informed of their
selection by the Vice President. The Vice President will ensure absent members are selected far enough in
advance for them to become aware of the Wagon Master duty dates.

19. CAMPOUT AND WAGON MASTER LISTING. The Vice President will establish and maintain an 18-
month calendar listing of campouts and Wagon Masters. At regularly scheduled meetings, the Vice
President will seek volunteers to perform Wagon Master duties as needed to maintain a continuous 18-
month listing. An early and timely volunteer/appointment process will help members plan for campouts and
will permit sufficient lead-time for the dates to be printed in the WIT monthly magazine.

20. COMMITTEES. The President may appoint committees for specific functions during a regularly
scheduled meeting. All committees will consist of at least three (3) members. The President will give the
committee a title that is related to the purpose of the committee so their reports may be tracked while they
are in existence. The President will give the committee explicit instructions as to why or what they have been
appointed to control or investigate. The President may dismiss committees without cause.
The committee will prepare interim and final reports (may be hand written) to the President. To ensure
accurate reports are maintained, all reports will be passed to the Secretary for inclusion in the Chapter’s
records. Unless otherwise directed by the President, the committee’s mission has been completed and will
be permanently dismissed with a final report is submitted to the President.

21. STATEMENT OF AUTHENTICITY. All Chardonnay Travelers Bylaws with a date prior to May 17, 2014,
are null and void. A total of twenty-three (23) paragraphs and seven (7) printed pages were used for current
Bylaws. Receipt of a copy of Bylaws without this date, number of paragraphs, and pages, should be
considered null and void. Future revisions to these Bylaws will require that this paragraph be amended to
reflect appropriate date, number of paragraphs, and number of pages.
Note: Original document signed and dated 11/15/2002 by Norm Silva, President; George Madsen, Vice
President; Art Schipper, Secretary; and Judy Silva, Treasurer. This document was amended by the
Chardonnay Travelers Chapter and approved by Rick and Christy Burke, WIT Western Representatives,
and Denise Yeager, WIT Consumer Engagement Manager, on 4/24/2015.  Copies of this document can be
obtained through the current President or Secretary of the Chardonnay Travelers.
At the March 2000 meeting of the Chardonnay Travelers, the membership present approved the idea of
standing rules that would supplement the Chapter bylaws. This amendment was accepted at the September
2000 meeting.
Standing Rules:

Standing Rule 1: Proposed changes to the Bylaws must be distributed in writing prior to the meeting at
which they are voted upon.
Standing Rule 2: Financial records shall be kept for a period of three years. Treasury reports and bank
statements shall be kept for seven years as recommended by the Audit Committee.  After records have
exceeded their retention date they shall be shredded.
Standing Rule 3  The Vice President should try and book the 3rd weekend of the month if possible and the
dates would be at the discretion of the vice president depending upon availability.
Standing Rule 4. Maximum decoration expense for each events will not exceed $50.00. 3/24/18